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How Many Cars Have You Owned? How Many More Do You Think You’ll Own? Autopian Asks

Aa How Many Cars

The life of a car enthusiast is one that confuses some people. The average person might have a car or a couple, and those cars are merely transportation appliances. If life were a cartoon, you’d witness smoke coming out of someone’s head when you explain to them that you drive a Yugo instead of the latest Camry. You might witness a blue screen event if you explain that said Yugo is only one of a dozen cars in your arsenal. How many cars have you owned throughout your life and what were the highlights?

I bring this question up because this subject has come up a number of times for me recently. The topic of fleets is also theme day over at the sweet car forum of Opposite-Lock. My parents have finally realized the scope of what’s going on. I’m storing four cars and a motorcycle at their house and they finally popped the question. My mom was shocked to hear that I‘m currently sitting on 14 cars and 8 bikes. My dad’s ears perked up and he just wanted to trade stories about cars.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

I recently went to a couple of press events and the question about what’s in my “stable” is always one that draws in some eyeballs. The motorcyclists expect maybe two bikes, not eight, and they certainly don’t expect one of them to be a Suzuki RE-5. Likewise, the car people also expect maybe a few cars, but definitely not five Smart Fortwos, a Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI, or a Volkswagen Phaeton.

Mercedes Suzuki Re5



If I were to tally up everything I’ve ever purchased, I’ve had over 30 motorcycles, around 30 cars, and two buses. Most of these vehicles were purchased in the period of 2017 to today. I used to revive barn find motorcycles for fun, which is how I arrived at that number. A lot of my cars were Gambler 500 vehicles or bad Volkswagens, which pumps up that other number.

There’s a second question in here, and it’s how many more cars do you think you’ll own in your lifetime? I’m not sure I can say. One of the dreams I have is to open up a personal museum of my favorite vehicles under one roof, like Beau, but with less money. Of course, I also have a career where following my heart with cars is practically a job requirement.

Mercedes Phaeton


I don’t see myself getting many more vehicles right now simply because I don’t have the space or the money for them, but I could see a future proposed by Matt Hardigree:


Mercedes 90 Cars 2

I could see that being a local news story written about me one day. Just don’t let me become Ron Dauzet. Everything has to run and I have to drive them.

Here’s where I turn things to you. How many cars have you owned? What were they? How many more do you think you’ll own?

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Alec Harvey
Alec Harvey
18 days ago

1976 Mazda 929
1989 Honda Vigor
1987 Mazda Familia
1989 Nissan R32 Skyline
1989 Nissan 300ZX
1996 Toyota Hilux Surf
1992 Mitsubishi Magna
1997 Toyota Sprinter Marino
1997 Nissan Bluebird
1996 Holden VR Commodore
1996 BMW 528i
2006 Ford Territory
2012 Infiniti FX30d

Current lineup
2005 Nissan 350Z
2006 Nissan Pathfinder
2012 VW Jetta
2024 Tesla M3

67 Oldsmobile
67 Oldsmobile
19 days ago

In sort of chronological order since 2008:
Vw golf 2
Audi 100
Vw golf 2
Ford granada
Chevrolet suburban
Subaru legacy
Vw transporter t5
Ford Escort
Mercedes s280
Subaru legacy
Chevrolet tahoe
Ford mondeo
Buick riviera
Subaru levorg
Oldsmobile delta
Vw passat
I had a few shit cars a year for a while but I have recently had a few of them for a couple of years too.
I think I will go back to quantity over quality again as that is a great way to drive as many cars as possible.

20 days ago

I’m 52 years old and have actually lost count. I know this because I was asked this question once before and the core of trying to remember every single car (running and non-running) proved to be more difficult than I first thought. It could take me days to try and go through them all chronologically since my first car at 16 years old.

Currently, I’m at four running/driving cars, one project car, and partial ownership of our club-owned TROG car.

Last edited 20 days ago by Autojunkie
21 days ago

According to my list, I’m at least at 50 now, and I turn 40 this year.

I have owned cars from every year model between 1984 and 2021 except for 1985-88, 1991-92, and 2011.

I’ve never owned more than 4 cars at once, and I like wrenching. Only one was bought new (2018 Volt).

I’m debating whether or not to fill in the years that are missing for S&Gs. 2011 will probably happen. Not so sure on the others.

Steve Gray
Steve Gray
21 days ago

You asked! Since 1968, I have owned 23 vehicles:
1962 Chevrolet Corvair (Sedan, dark red exterior, black interior, manual)
1964 Mercury Comet (Coupe, white exterior, black & white interior, automatic)
1970 Volkswagen Beetle* (Coupe, green exterior, black interior, manual)
1969 Volkswagen Fastback (Coupe, beige exterior, tan interior, A/C, manual)
1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (Coupe, orange exterior, black interior, “auto stick”)
1971 Ford Pinto (Coupe, brown exterior, tan interior, A/C, manual)
1972 Honda Civic (Coupe, brown exterior, black interior, manual)
1976 Ford Granada (Coupe, white exterior, red interior, A/C, automatic)
1977 Honda Civic CVCC (Coupe, red exterior, black interior, manual)
1979 Chrysler LeBaron (Sedan, blue exterior, blue interior, A/C, automatic)
1981 Ford Escort (Coupe, white exterior, black interior, manual)
1983 Volkswagen Quantum (Sedan, black exterior, tan interior, A/C, manual)
1990 Toyota Avalon (Sedan, silver exterior, grey interior, A/C, automatic)
1996 Ford Ranger (Pick-up, brown exterior, tan interior, A/C, manual)
2000 Ford Focus (Station wagon, blue exterior, grey interior, A/C, automatic)
2001 GMC Jimmy (SUV, silver exterior, black interior, A/C, automatic)
1999 Toyota Avalon (Sedan, silver exterior, grey interior, A/C, automatic)
2001 Jaguar XJ8 (Sedan, titanium exterior, biscuit interior, A/C, automatic)
2011 Hyundai Elantra (Sedan, white exterior, tan interior, A/C, automatic)
2015 BMW X1 (SUV, blue exterior, brown interior, A/C, automatic)
2003 Lexus SC430 (Hardtop convertible, blue exterior, brown interior, A/C, automatic)
2014 Volkswagen Jetta (Sedan, silver exterior, black interior, A/C, automatic)
2019 BMW 530i (Sedan, grey exterior, brown interior, A/C, automatic)
I have no immediate plans to sell/replace the BMW.

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