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How To Turn A Bathroom Into A Hot Rod And More – The Autopian Podcast

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We’re finally caught up with The Autopian Podcast and are bringing you three brand new episodes, including two recorded live at the Galpin Speed Shop. These episodes have everything: David talking about saving rare cars at Pebble, Jason explaining how David gave $10 to the cops, and Beau talking with Hot Rod Legend Dave Shuten about the incredible work he’s been doing.

In the below video you can listen to Beau and Dave entreat David and Jason with stories of the craziest hot rods they’ve built and restored while sitting in front of the craziest collection of hot rods I’ve ever personally seen.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Seriously, I was sitting in that room, just a few feet away from the Batmobile and the Panthermobile trying not to geek out too much. Dave and Beau were both inducted into the National Rod and Custom Car Hall of Fame and have a million stories to tell, but if I’m going to pick out one to talk about here it has to be The Bathtub.

Built by Rob Reisner in the ’60s, it has two bathtubs in the rear for the passengers and the driver, um, sits on the toilet. It’s extremely weird and was built as a ‘pusher,’ which is a car that does not drive itself. I should say, it was a car that didn’t drive itself. Dave and his team somehow managed to get this car to move under its own power.



It was an actual garage/barn find, which I almost believed didn’t happen anymore. Somehow the story involves a guy in daisy dukes, a drivable outhouse, and wine? Originally, the car was fake gold, but the paint would have peeled off if the car was ever driven so it’s been plated in actual gold.

All of the working car parts (transmission, shifter, gas tank) all have to be hidden. The battery is in the toilet!

To listen to the podcasts episodes you can go to Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, or you can use the RSS feed and point your favorite Podcast player at it.


I’m embedding the three most recent episodes below if you want to listen to it from your browser. Note: We combined the two podcasts we recorded together into one video, so there are three podcasts total but only two videos.

More coming next week when we should be back on schedule.

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