“I Have A Flat Brim Hat And A Subaru. I Got This” – Zack Klapman Explains How He Stuffed A Subaru Into A Wall Of Snow


We had an awesome party at the LA Auto Show, complete with shrimp-barrow, and it was topped off with a live podcast taping featuring the great Zack Klapman from The Smoking Tire. Zack was the cocktail sauce on the unshelled prawn that was our event and his story of smashing his Subaru into a snowbank was the little squeeze of lemon.

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for another The Autopian Podcast. There’s a good chance you’re hitting the road today or tomorrow to see grandma and fill up on pie/theories about how the current flu strain was accidentally leaked from a lab that was trying to develop a new nacho cheese sauce for the Boston Bruins. Listen to this, instead.

“I have a flat brim hat and a Subaru. I got this!”

Those are Zack’s famous last words before heading out into a snow emergency, expecting to just waltz through it because he was driving a Subaru.

This starts a whole series of stories from Jason, Beau, and David explaining how they’ve flipped various cars. Unsurprisingly, Jason has somersaulted a Beetle end-over-end and Beau has tipped a Mochet Velocar! The only one who didn’t have at least one good car crash was David, but his cars all come pre-crashed.

In addition to the mayhem, the guys talk about the best cars of the LA Auto Show and we learn how Zack Klapman got started in the industry. He also drops a little preview of what’s coming from Zack and The Autopian (together)! All this, plus Jason walks you through the microcars you may have missed if you couldn’t make it out to the show.

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I’m embedding the three most recent episodes below if you want to listen to it from your browser. Please like, subscribe, rate, et cetera.


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8 Responses

  1. As someone who is once again sipping the Subaru Flavor Aid (NOT Kool-Aid: check your sources, kids!), I enjoyed Zach’s story. I have a few myself, but memory lane is usually enjoyable only for the original driver.
    I do kinda want a bumper sticker saying, SNOW? I have a Subaru. I got this! But I don’t really do bumper stickers—and I can just hear the Good Ol’ Boy’s comment on seeing it after I’ve hiked 4 miles to offer him $50 to pull my dumb ass outta a drift….

  2. I loved the VW plastic molding thing, I had several OG Beetles from shows in the early 90’s, I still have a MkVI GTI that’s now sitting in my kid’s giant box of toy cars. I don’t know if they were supposed to be pen holders, but they worked pretty well for that.

    1. I went to the Detroit auto show pretty much every year from the early ’90s to the early ’00s and I have a small collection of those VW plastic cars. They always came with a VW pen that dried out within a few months but it looked cool sitting in your bookcase. I definitely have a couple Beetles and a Passat or Jetta – my memory fails me which one it was.

  3. I listened to it and can I just say the G.G. Allin of the autojournalism world? That’s a hell of a thing to say and big shoes to full. I hope you’re all up to the task of living up to that. Also hearing DT’s genuine confusion made it so much funnier. I love you, you wonderful weirdos. Even if you tried to kill your readers with a wheelbarrow of shrimp

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