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Jeepsters Seemed To Have The Ability To Control The Minds Of Small Crowds: Cold Start

Cs Jeepster

The very dressed-up Jeep you see up there is a Jeepster, specifically a Jeepster Commando, which is what Jeep called the re-born 1967 version of the original Jeepster from 1948. This one is actually just known as a Jeepster Convertible or sometimes Revival Jeepster, and was sort of the show pony of the Jeepster Commando lineup, as it had a lot enfancification elements grafted onto it, like the convertible-top-matching white trim that covers the upper part of the body from the A-pillar back, and ends in a little white deck complete with seven little ribs that do, um, something.

But the real party trick is the blingy Continental tire kit, with its extended chrome rear bumper and white tire cover. It’s funny, because Jeeps are among the more common cars to hang their spare tire on the back, but nobody ever calls a Jeep with a spare at the rear a “Continental style” setup; for that you need chrome and vinyl and at the very least aspirations of country club membership and maybe a few ideas that make people under 30 cringe when they hear you talk about them at Thanksgiving.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Really, though, what I want to point out is that Jeep seemed to have some sort of belief or wish that Jeepsters could lure in and dazzle crowds. Look at the one up there, everyone losing their shit and stopping that Jeepster on the road so they could crowd around it and really inspect the crap out of that thing, leaning in close to drink in all of the glorious Jeepsterism its outgassing.

What I find interesting is that this was the same method Jeep used to sell Jeepsters back in 1948, with the first generation of Jeepster:

Cs Oldjeepster


See? Another crowd, all lured in with Jeepster Magic, leaning in and just admiring the paint off that thing, the intensity of their stares burning holes in the seat vinyl, the air heady with Jeepster arousal hormones. Hope you like attention, Jeepster owners!

Also, here’s a nice detail on the OG Jeepster: see the chrome steps in front of and atop the rear fender, to get into the back? Those are great. If I get sucked into one of these crowds, maybe I’ll focus my ardor on those.

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Car Guy - RHM
Car Guy - RHM
1 year ago

The fancy two-toned blue and white one was called just Jeepster, all the other models were called Jeepster Commando until 72 when it went to just Commando and had the weird front end. You could get a number of configurations, the fancy convertible, the plain convertible, hardtop, a convertible roof that looked like the hardtop, and a pickup cab.

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