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Magnus Walker Explains His Philosophy For Buying And Modifying Cars – The Autopian Podcast


It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for another The Autopian Podcast. This time we’ve got the irrepressible Magnus Walker. The Urban Outlaw. The guy with the rope long dreads and a poet’s deep understanding of the soul of a car enthusiast. He’s got an exhibit at the Petersen Museum and took some time out of his day to talk to Jason, Beau, and David about what makes him tick.

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If you had access to the Internet and thought anything about cars a few years ago you saw Tamir Moscovici’s excellent encapsulation of Magnus’s ethos in short doc form. Here it is if you didn’t see it:

This is as good as an introduction to the man as you’ll need and so it’s great that, in honor of that film’s tenth anniversary, Magnus teamed up with the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles to display some of his collection. Obviously, 277 is the big draw here, but don’t sleep on the 914 Art Car either. There are ten cars in total and the exhibit is going on now and will be up through the end of January.


Magnus and I worked together for a bit on a show called ‘The Next Big Thing” for Hagerty and it was an exciting challenge to try and take his car-buying philosophy and fit it on a show you’re probably watching on your phone.

As he mentions in the podcast, “Smiles-per-mile” is more important to Magnus than pure dollars and his philosophy is “buy what you love, not what you think is valuable.”

Of course, Magnus bought a bunch of old air-cooled Porsches before prices shot through the roof, so he’s clearly skilled at doing both. You’ll have to check out the podcast to hear about Magnus’s favorite place to buy cars and car parts.

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