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Nothing Says Quality Like Bondo And Hidden Toyota Logos: COTD

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Last week, the Autopian team was shocked by the sight of an electric center in the center of the halls of the Los Angeles Auto Show. There it was, sitting where ElectraMeccanica was in 2022, the Aitekx Robotruck. Somehow, in the rush to get content on the Pebble camper, running to ride a Motocompacto a bunch of times, and finding something to eat, I missed the Robotruck. Then, my colleagues showed me it and, honestly, I’m still bewildered.

Everything David and Jason said in their articles is true. The truck has the fit and finish of a middle school art project. It looks and feels like something a participant of the Gambler 500 built in the backyard, while drunk, and at night. However, unlike a Gambler 500 build, this truck is supposed to be hitting American roads soon enough.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

David and Jason missed other details, which is understandable considering everything. While the body appears to share components with a Toyota truck, the steering wheel appears to be from a Chevrolet Express. Or, at the very least, it’s a clone wheel that fits a Chevy Express. Also, not all of the taillights were LED strips. Exactly two of them look to be generic sealed LED lamps meant for trailers or the bottom of truck tailgates.


Anyway, our readers had a field day with the Robotruck, so we have a few COTD nominations tonight. Tarragon takes the first win with this witty remark:


I think the strangest part is when Ed – that’s the only way we know him, as when we asked his last name he responded with “I don’t want to tell you” [Ed note: We think he’s likely Edmund Shen, see the update below]

I was amused that the “Ed note” really was a note about Ed.

Acrimonious Mofo came in with a great Simpsons reference:

“We’ve got a Robotruck, Laddie!”
“You mean Cybertruck?”
“Sssshhh! are you trying to get us sued?”

Mark Tucker also kicked off a hilarious thread:

That will look right at home in the drive-thru line at McDowell’s.


I’ll bet Ed wears a Rolax, too.

Finally, we have DialMforMiata, who delivers one last hilarious blow:


I love that Aitexk calls it “Configurable”. It is, in the sense that when you pull the body panels off you have a Tacoma underneath…

Fantastic job, everyone! Have a great evening.

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Arul Venkatesh
Arul Venkatesh
4 months ago

I went Thanksgiving morning and the car was covered up, y’all went too hard haha

4 months ago
Reply to  Arul Venkatesh

Any sign of Ed Name Withheld or the other guy?
~visions of Ed binge drinking in his hotel room all day sending increasingly incoherent emails after guy who decided to display it stopped answering his calls.

Mr Sarcastic
Mr Sarcastic
4 months ago

Let’s be honest it is a poorly built copy of a poorly built Cybertruck. I think some China company stole Cybertrucks design and like most Chinese built stolen technology comes out even worse.so what happens when you copy a POS? Well you don’t get perfume.

4 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving, Mercedes! May your COTD be “buurrrp.”

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