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Stop Everything, The Renault Twingo Is Coming Back As A Cheap EV

Renault Twingo Ev

How’s this for a daily dose of cuteness? The internet’s favorite French economy car, the Renault Twingo, is once again coming back from the dead and this time it should pay heavy tribute to the original. Renault claims the next Twingo will be all-electric, start at less than €20,000, and go on sale in 2026. Even with a nearly three-year timeline, the automaker has already released a concept version and it’s absolutely adorable.

Sure, in profile, this city car may look more like a second-generation Twingo than anything, but details of the original abound. That smiley face, the three hood vents, its translucent-era Parisian chic.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Look, we all complain that cars are getting too big, but how okay are you with dying in a small overlap crash anyway? Besides, the Twingo concept has good reason to offer a decent footprint: It could be one of Europe’s cheapest electric cars.

Renault Twingo 2x



That targeted sub-€20,000 price tag I mentioned in the intro? It’s notable for several reasons. Firstly, that’s the plan before incentives. If government gravy trains keep it up, the next Twingo could be a properly cheap car. Oh, and in Europe, value-added tax is included in new car pricing. With the Euro roughly nine cents ahead of the dollar at the time of writing, the next Twingo could be the blueprint for EV domination. After all, automakers can hype up pricey electric crossovers all they want, but they won’t see exponential sales growth if people can’t afford them.

Dacia Spring

Believe it or not, Renault already has experience building a popular, affordable electric car. See, Renault owns Dacia, and Dacia sells something called the Spring. It has a top speed of yes, a zero-to-60 mph time of eventually, and most importantly, a dirt cheap MSRP. We’re talking about €20,800 for an electric car with 140 miles of WLTP range, good enough for runabout use. If the next Twingo is cheaper and better, that would be one hell of an achievement.

Renault Twingo 3



The, um, third rebirth of the Renault Twingo is both exciting and mildly shocking. Is this what it takes for millennials to understand how baby boomers felt when the New Beetle was unveiled? Regardless, we’ll never say no to yet another adorable European hatchback, and will be watching closely in 2026 to see if Renault sticks to its pricing estimates. Anyone want to place a bet?

(Photo credits: Renault, Dacia)

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Wangan Tuned Kei Car
Wangan Tuned Kei Car
6 months ago

Merci Twingo? Is that an indie Eurobeat reference in my Autopian article?

Carlos Ferreira
Carlos Ferreira
6 months ago

I love LOVE this thing with all my heart.

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