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The Answer To Yesterday’s Wrecked Car ID Challenge: Cold Start

Cs Bmw2002answer

Remember yesterday? Me too. Hell of a day, right? You may also recall that yesterday we ran a little challenge, where I showed you some pictures David took of a very dead, very smashed car, and had you try to guess it. A surprising-for-the-mainstream-public but not-surprising-for-our-readers number of you figured out the car, which was a big-bumpered BMW 2002. Mazel tov to all of you who got it! I bet if you tell that you got this right to the cashier at a fast food outlet of your choice, you’ll get your food for free! Worth a try, at least?

Looking at the results of the survey, 29 out of 204 answers were correct, with one person even noting it was “Malaga red in color.” That’s, what, 14% or so? Pretty damn good!

Anyway, good work, super-sleuths!

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10 Responses

  1. Screw this, that was my 2nd choice. Really it was. You can trust me. The fact that guy said it i thought was a fake. Really trust me. Have i ever lied to you?

  2. So, how many car corpses are in Fryman Canyon Park? Are there other car-eating canyons? Enough to sustain at least a weekly feature? This could give the site another real differentiator, while ensuring that David gets fresh air, sunshine and exercise on a regular basis. A win all around, I say.

  3. A number of readers might also be Reddit users. Members of r/whatisthiscar can ID just about any vehicle, from any country, in any condition. Usually within minutes. It’s nuts.

    But there is one car that stumps everyone. The unsolvable case. The little blue car turning out of a London side street in the 1960s. Many have tried. All have failed. Can the Autopian crack it? https://www.reddit.com/r/whatisthiscar/comments/l7r8p7/someone_was_trying_to_identify_this_on_twitter/

    1. I can hazard a guess what it was originally, and may still have been legally registered as. Given the time, place, and those tall skinny wheels it has to have been based on a Ford Eight (RAC hp)/Anglia/Popular.

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