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The Autopian’s Writers Would Love To Chat With You. Right Now.


David and I realized it’s been a big, wet minute since we all just took a moment to check in and, you know, chat, see how you’re feeling, what you’re liking, what you’re frustrated by, all that. So let’s take care of that right now, why not, with a little Autopian Reader Chat! We have a little window of time here before we have to record our podcast – did I mention we’re starting one of those? Well, we are. But we’ll announce it more formally soon, but you know I can’t keep secrets from you, baby.

Just to let you know we are listening to some stuff, I can say that we are working with our tech team to try and improve the experience here; we’re looking into speeding up loading times, getting a way to edit comments, add pictures, and more. I don’t have a clear timeline just yet for those, but things are happening, and I want to thank everyone for being patient with our tech issues as we try to win an auction for that 16K RAM expansion module that should really speed everything up, finally.

More importantly, we just want to know how you’re feeling about the stories, the pace of content, what you’d like to see more of, future dreams and aspirations, keto-friendly microwave recipes, hot stock tips, erotic dreams, your current project car achievements, tools you can’t find, and whatever else you want to tell us.

So, have at it! We’ll all try and chime in!

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279 Responses

  1. Holy crap, a functioning comments section interface! Already off to an excellent start. See you never, Kinja.

    I’m so happy to see you guys get to start your own thing. Look forward to watching the site grow. This looks like all the best of Jalop, with the drama trimmed out, and ya’ll’s own spin on it!

  2. About the new-old TopGear (Jezza, Cap. Slow & Hamster) that they were my 3 favorite idiots. Now this was said in jest/with love b/c those 3 + Andy are what made the show….

    Likewise Since I’d been hearing / seen results from good & likable content creators fleeing JP (Will, Steph, Fancy Kristen, a certain Sweed, Mercedes and several others), FOR literally years, easily the past 5 years, when I’d read JP, BY FAR the best articles were you two lovable idiots (Torch + Tracey) And easily 1x per week I’d think to myself, “Why don’t these two idiots leave and start their own thing?

    I’m so happy that you Have broken out and started your own thing And bringing in a stable financial partner in Beau is a huge (business sustainable perspective) addition too!

    Suggestions (each is in a spirit of “if you haven’t already…”)?
    1. Stay agile and if you haven’t already leverage an Agile framework to help (like Scrum), to stay close to your team (or teams) and bring clarity to your vision and product(s) we get to enjoy. This includes opportunity for frequent and honest feedback like this.
    2. Figure out how to remain financially solvent, come up with some hypothesis’, run lean A / B experiments and see what works (and as importantly what doesn’t)
    3. Balance feedback for what idiots like me want with what You (Torch, Tracey, Beau + your team want)
    4. Have fun! 🙂

  3. I love the new site, despite 30-second page loads, and 5-day password recoveries(you’re supposed to write them down?). I like the fact you guys are paying more attention to content, then secondary stuff. Hey, remember porn started out with rope-start web pages(with a manual choke), and look where they are now.
    Mr. Tracy is going to end up in Psychotherapy when he finds out how expensive L.A. is, and that they out-lawed Iron Oxide there, long ago. He’ll be back to Michigan, but in the mean time you need a man in Detroit.

  4. A few recent comments on other articles are good candidates for a “flag as offensive/spam/something else” function. This site is big enough now, and has enough engagement to attract the spammers, scammers, and trolls… Growth is a mixed blessing, it seems.

    You all are doing an amazing job, and 99.8% of the comments section is value-adding, which still amazes me! When you are able to implement some kind of moderating or flagging system, it’ll just be icing on the cake.


  5. I’d like to see bigger, more useful reply-indent indicators. It sometime hard to figure out which level I’m at.

    Reply text should be bigger too.

    Could the replies be make more compact by putting the like button to the side?

  6. Reply oblong square here should be above other replies, slow picture and links, but at least I am not reading about bike from Ralph and the content is so much better.

  7. The appreciation for the content and suggested sure upgrades have been covered pretty well. How about reader supplied content? Plus side more free content, minus side, you would have to review and act as gatekeeper. I don’t know that I could commit to a full time gig, but like writing about this stuff, experiences, knowledge, car related funny stories. Guessing there are others out there as well. User engagement, Yay!

  8. I’ve loved the articles so far, like the poaching of writers from other sites, like the content, the engagement/community. I wish there was more articles so I could check the site periodically throughout the day and see new stuff, but I recognize that that’s certainly not feasible so soon in the site’s life and I’d certainly not want you guys to start doing outrage editorials out of fabricated reasoning like the other site devolved into over the last couple of years.

  9. I love what you guys and gals are doing and I’m very happy with the quality vs. quantity of content. I realize that a handful of really good articles per day is probably not the best way to make ad dollars, so I would be totally onboard with a Patreon to support the site.

    Otherwise it’s pretty much what everyone else said – edit button, notifications, yadda yadda. Keep up the good work!

  10. Only one small request… A few less poops jokes. From the morning dump to the shitbox showdown along with all the one-offs poop jokes… surely you editors can help punch up the comedy without a trip to the toilette each time.

  11. I’m late to this party. Just got home from the mid west. I’m going out to acquire a mongoose, because I think that’s the next thing after snake. If this story has a title it is “In My Next Life I Shall Build Squirrel Toilets” it’s a real old house let your imagination wander. Not sure what comes after mongoose.

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