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The Hell Is Going On Here, Again In A Field: Cold Start

Cs Skodafield

There’s not much I don’t like about this picture: I’m a big fan of the rear-engined Skoda 100L, like this 1970 model shown here, and I think the driver has a great look going on with the pixie haircut and the oversized sunglasses, and I’m sure those two dudes are stand-up fellas. I’m also fond of car brochure pics that take place, inexplicably, in fields. So what am I kvetching about here? The gaze. Where is that driver looking? What is she driving at?

Let’s follow the driver’s gaze here:

Cs Skoda Gaze

What’s going on? Are they tailing a squirrel or field mouse or vole? Trying to smush a cockroach the safe, clean, gas-burning way? Is she a notary public who made a decision to shun a conventional stamp and instead ordered special tires with her notary stamp carved into the tire sipes, and is currently directing her car to a stack of documents in the field that need notarizing?


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25 Responses

  1. Vince Vaughn laughs with Anna Paquin in the front of the Skoda, amused at their misadventure. In the back seat, Christian Bale adjusts his sunglasses and sideburns, continuing to scowl. They would not be filming on time today.

  2. Clearly a 3 sum is going down and this chick is making sure her front tire does not go in a rut. The boyfriend in the back doesn’t look to happy about the whole thing.

  3. What seems to be the problem Mr. Pohraniční Stráž? My friends and I are just driving out to have a picnic in this remote area where the border between the Eastern Bloc and the West is lightly guarded. Such a beautiful day…Would you like to join us? I think the spot is just behind those trees past the fence at the bottom of the hill….

  4. This is the grim prequel to Caddyshack, she is the ruthless monster that is aiming to kill the Gopher’s family and thus start his vendetta against all Drivers (and putters).

  5. Classic lsd trip. The girl is tripping balls cause the grass is talking to her, dude up front is smiling pretending he sees it too. He doesn’t see it he’s on his own journey. Back seat guy has the tilted head confused dog thing going on wondering why the spaceship landed in talking grass.

  6. If she’s anything like me, she’s staring blankly into the emptiness and pointlessness of the universe because nothing matters and the cultural obligation to smile for the camera is a painful affront to honesty.

    (Eat Arby’s, I guess.)

  7. From the top of that hill, she has driven her Skoda up on, she can actually see a little of what’s going on on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Hence the happy hopefull look on her face

    (The passenger seat guy looking directly at the camera is also strange. And The Jackal – or is it James Franco – in the back seat just gives me the hibie-jeebies)

  8. Checking her teeth in the wing view mirror while front seat guy is smirking because he told her there’s a short and curly there. Dude in back is exasperated.

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