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The Perfect Funeral Car For The Person Getting Cremated: COTD


The funeral car is a humble workhorse that does an important job. When a loved one dies, they often eventually get carried to their final resting place aboard a specialized vehicle designed to carry the dead. You’re probably used to seeing all sorts of hearses built out of luxury vehicles like Cadillacs or maybe Lincolns. If you’re one of our European readers, your hearses appear to be from the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar.

If you’re from Japan, well, just take a look:

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Anyway, a firm called Final Journey Funeral Cars created a Subaru WRX hearse, complete with a replica rally livery. So, if you happen to live in the UK and have a rally-loving friend or family member who passes, send them out with style!

Of course, this makes our readers think of other weird hearses, like this clever comment from Canopysaurus:


Do they have any Pintos, in case you want to be cremated?

Ha! Fantastic job, Canopysaurus. As many of you have realized, I have been missing from these pages for a week. Fear not, I have not gone anywhere! Ok, I have. I took my first real vacation in years and joined my family down at Disney World in Orlando. Look, I don’t really care about Disney at all, but I can’t say no to hot, sunny weather, sandy beaches, and a road trip in a broken Volkswagen. The highlight of Disney World to me? Walt Disney World has an incredible transit system from the famed monorails to these sweet Gillig Low Floor buses.

20231109 161935


I also got to visit the Lane Motor Museum and the National Corvette Museum on the way home. It feels great to be back. Since I was out, I’m going to nominate a couple of more comments.

Hugh Crawford got a sensible chuckle out of me with this comment on Mercedes-Benz partnering up with Buc-ee’s:


Oh, that Mercedes

Yes, we should probably make it clearer whenever Mercedes does shenanigans, not Mercedes. I did visit a Buc-ee’s on the way down south, does that count? Sorry for the parking job, I was trying to troubleshoot a turbo issue while I was there.

20231104 220230

Canopysaurus gets the next COTD nom for this hilarious bit about the Tennessee man with perhaps the cleanest junkyard you’ll ever see.

700 models of Jeep on the lawn,
700 models of Jeep,
Oh, you break one down and part it around,
And there’s 699 models of Jeep on the lawn.

Perfection. Have a great evening, everyone!

(Topshot: NHTSA)

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IRegertNothing, Esq.
IRegertNothing, Esq.
7 months ago

That’s some Grade A trolling with the STi badge on the back of your Jetta.

7 months ago

Wait, that Century is a hearse? I saw that exact Century (or one similarly decked out) parked in Jack London Square in Oakland and had no idea what it was!

Geoff Buchholz
Geoff Buchholz
7 months ago

We missed you, Mercy!

7 months ago

Good to have you back. We’ll have to hear the dirt on your road trip problems…

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