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This Was The Best-Looking Car At The LA Auto Show Made By An Energy Infrastructure Company

Hyperion Top

The LA Auto Show may have been a bit thin when it came to concept cars from traditional, mainstream manufacturers, (though there certainly were some good ones) but the upside of that is that smaller concepts could get more attention. And that could be why a very flashy concept car made by a company whose main business is developing hydrogen fuel cell technology for stationary power, commercial vehicle, and spaceflight applications had a fancy concept car on display next to the big carmakers, instead of in the usual spot reserved for these sorts of companies, in the LA Convention Center basement hall, next to the churro vendors and family businesses selling die cast cars and the occasional mattress. The company is called Hyperion, and their hydrogen fuel cell concept car is the XP-1. We got to walk around it a bit and talk to some of the people behind it, so if you’re interested, boy are you in luck.

Oh, and I’m not kidding about the mattresses:

More mattress content will have to wait, because it’s now time for you to experience this bonkers car, just as we did:

It’s an interesting and, um, exuberant concept car, and the specs certainly are impressive:

Xp1 1

… I mean, if you believe concept car specs, which I never really do, because, come on, it’s not real. I mean, sure, they have one that runs, but I think it’s still healthy to take all of these numbers with multiple grains of sodium chloride.


Hydrogen fuel cell-powered EVs have been around for a while, and despite a lot a pushing by companies like Toyota, hydrogen has yet to really catch on. If you own a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, the number of places you can refill your vehicle are limited in number, in the same way that otters with degrees in comparative literature are limited in number. There’s hardly any.

Hyperion has made a lot of developments in fuel cell architecture, and the XP-1 car is really just a lure to get people interested in their fuel-cell tech, and, as you can see, it worked on David and I, so good work, Hyperion.

So, if you’re really excited to learn more about a concept car that will likely never make it into production and was built by a company more interested in making electricity with water vapor as a byproduct, boy are you in luck. Watch that video.

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21 Responses

  1. I’m waiting for the first hydrogen powered car that uses the power from regenerative braking to perform electrolysis on the water captured from the exhaust.

    Would it be a dumb party trick that never makes a real difference in the range of the vehicle like a solar roof? Yes. Would it be cool? Also yes.

    The capacitor is no doubt better in all ways, but that doesn’t make it fun.

  2. Styling…wowsers. A Veyron hooked up with an R8 & got a nose-job from an MC20…yet still retains a unique quasi-aquatic theme somehow (aquarium greenhouse, anyone?). If you’re going for a eye-catcher, might as well swing for the fences.

  3. JT:
    … the number of places you can refill your vehicle are limited in number
    C’mon! By virtue of my having merely called attention, you’ve already formulated an improved wording . . . correct?

  4. (My final post on this, I promise!)

    JT: THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you . . .
    for asking about The Hand.
    (I’d totally missed the last feakin’ third of the interview!)

  5. “otters with degrees in comparative literature are limited in number.”
    You should start the Autopian Scholarship for Literary Otters to rectify this injustice. (I considered “for Otter Authors,” but a degree in comparative lit does not an author make.)

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