To The Man Selling His ‘Rusted To Hell’ 275,000 Mile Jeep Using Photos Of It Stuck In A Mud-Pit: You Are A Legend

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Selling a car is a bit of an art, and doing it properly requires presenting it in just the right way. It’s not always obvious what that right way looks like, but it’s easy to spot the wrong way. This gentleman in Michigan selling his Jeep XJ is definitely doing it the wrong way, but this may be an instance where it’s just so wrong that it’s somehow right.

Hop onto Detroit’s Facebook Marketplace and type in “2000 Jeep Cherokee,” and you’ll find one listing that really stands out from the rest:

Screen Shot 2022 11 09 At 11.25.07 Am

You may be inclined to click that photo of the rusty Jeep for sale in Romeo, Michigan, because even though it has 275,000 miles on the clock, it’s also only $650! And that’s dirt cheap.

Screen Shot 2022 11 09 At 11.27.43 Am

What you’ll find when you do execute that click are a bunch of pictures of the XJ stuck in a mud pit, along with a hilarious description from someone who, ostensibly, wants to actually sell his automobile.

“Parts or mud it,” the description begins, making it clear that this Jeep is in no shape to be driven on the road. “Needs towed,” the description goes on, though it’s unclear where from. (The mud pit?).

“First $650 gets it,” the ad continues before finally offering good news — “Motor runs” — and then quickly following that up with bad news: “has a knock.”

Before the description concludes with “Be a good bogger,” it offers what I think might be one of the funniest admissions I’ve ever seen from someone trying to sell a vehicle:

“jeeps rusted to hell.”

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I reached out to the seller, who goes by RugRat on Facebook. “Bahahahah. Gotta show it how it’s used lol,” he responded when I told him I was planning to write up his absurd listing. When I asked if the car was being sold from that mud-pit, he said: “Oh lmfaooo. Noooooo. It’s in my yard lol those r the only photos I have tho lol.”

The photo above is especially good. You can only see the rear of the XJ, and of course, it’s stuck in that mud pit.

Screen Shot 2022 11 09 At 11.36.13 Am Screen Shot 2022 11 09 At 11.36.33 Am

In the seller’s defense, not all the photos, which were all taken while off-roading, show the vehicle completely covered in mud. The photo directly above does reveal the vehicle’s paint color.

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this article. I just saw a seller using photos of their stuck Jeep in a for-sale listing, along with “jeeps rusted to hell,” and figured I’d both give him props for his honestly and dont-give-a-damn-itude, and also tell you fine readers about it because it’s hilarious.

All Images: Rugrat/Facebook Marketplace

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32 Responses

      1. I feel like the only things that happen at DT’s house are:

        1) Fix junker cars in his driveway
        2) Write articles about those repair attempts
        3) Hold meetings about Autopian
        4) Plan crazy trips that always involve some near-impossible car repair project
        5) During meetings, writing sessions, and trip planning, check open tab on Facebook Marketplace for used Jeeps (the more rust, the better)
        6) Buy near-dead cars he has no practical use for and that will make him crazier
        7) Eat/sleep

      2. I hope the Autopian becomes successful enough that he can hire a minion to constantly click refresh on all the local second-hand market places, and snap up all the ‘bargains’.
        By 2030 half of the Detroit area will be David Tracy’s Rust Mound, which will be visible not only from space, but also from nearby states.

    1. I bought and then sold a Honda Del Sol as an autocross car. Based on the Honda owners on both sides of the sale: Absolutely yes, people DO actually communicate like that. I won’t call it “writing” because single letter characters and text-speak don’t count as actual written words to me.

    1. Buddy is being completely honest and I gotta respect it. It’s not like those folks that swear up and down a Jeep wasn’t offroaded and then you look underneath and the skid plates are all banged up. In my younger days, my brother and I bought 2 1991 XJ’s in about 3 weeks for a grand total of $500. The used car market is a bit nuts even for junkers now.

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