Watch Us Talk About Our Plans For The Autopian On The Smoking Tire Podcast

Tst Top

The always charming and engaging Matt Farah and Zack Klapman had us on the TST podcast when we were in LA last month, and we had an absolute blast talking about starting the new site, giving the first-gen Ford Fiesta some love, making fun of David’s ridiculous life choices, hearing Beau describe his record-setting low-speed car wreck, and generally being excitable goofballs.

If anything, I think this somewhat chaotic podcast gives a good, visceral explanation why I’m actually confident this new partnership of ours will work: Fundamentally, we’re just three people who love car culture. That’s it. And, I think that’s enough.

Oh, and we liked doing this so much we’re looking into some sort of regular podcast of our own. Stay tuned.

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