Nissan Finally Gets Off Its Ass And Develops Anti-Soup-Spilling Tech

Nissan Ramen

Look, say what you will about modern Nissan–say that their product line is largely forgettable, stale, a competent but uninspiring fruit cup with a precious few halved cherries (new Z, for example), but when they do something right, you have to give them credit. And they certainly have, developing an all-new technology that, finally, allows for ramen to be delivered at high speeds with a tiny AWD electric vehicle that can come to a dead stop without spilling a drop.

Incredulous? Of course you are. It says just that on your neck tattoo. But watch this video:


It’s actually pretty cool, this e-4ORCE (yeesh) tech they’ve developed. I suppose you could consider it a comfort innovation, as the main goal seems to be mitigating the momentum effects of your juicy, sloppy body continuing to move after the vehicle carrying you stops.

If you look at this in the context of future automated vehicles, it makes even more sense, as, once freed of the responsibilities of driving, people will use their in-vehicle time for a lot more and varied activities, some of which may involve the many, many liquids we like to decant into ourselves.

I bet there’s some clever physics going on here; once the site launches officially, if you’re interested, we can dig into this much deeper!

Also, that ramen looks really good.

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9 Responses

  1. I think the credit for this goes to Mattias Grundelius who wrote his doctoral thesis on controlling liquid slosh back in 2001 at Lund University in Sweden. He doesn’t mention ramen but as a student it’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t have considered it.

  2. What of the design, Jason?

    I fear you have been mesmerized by noodle physics–how can you not comment on that slab-sided half-double Beetle?

    I fear it will not age well. It may well become the Pulsar of soup delivery.

  3. I agree with Lightening. I would very much like to know more about this thing. I am imagining it working in conjunction with a lot of other new tech such as active suspension and other road interfaces today.

  4. I would definitely appreciate a deep dive into how this works, because right now, my brain is just going “Magic maybe?” and shrugging.

    I predict that 20 years from now, Nissan will be the biggest and richest company in the world, due to their domination of the industry of non-spillage ramen delivery. Nissan the car manufacturer will be a long forgotten memory. We will instead only know them as the “ramen delivery masters” – as we curse their name for their oligopolic control over all our lives, from deep within the Nissan ramen mines.

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