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What The Hell Is This?: Cold Start

Cs Whatisthis1

I was out driving yesterday, following a squirrel I’m pretty sure mouthed a slur at me as he ran across the street to check on a nearby acorn stash I might have taken a few from. Might! We don’t know anything for sure. Anyway, I lost his trail, but as I was trying to find my way back, I happened to notice the car you see above there. I didn’t immediately recognize it specifically, but it looks to be some sort of custom/kit car built on what could be a pickup truck chassis? I’m not exactly sure, except it was huge. And, huge in relation to the wheels, too. Honestly, the thing looked to be at least, what 50% too big? But what the hell is it? I think I have a guess, but I’m open to hearing from all of you, too.

I got a shot of the front as well:

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Cs Whatisit2


That script badge on the grille isn’t exactly legible, but there are a few clues we can follow here. That looks like a big oil sump below the license plate, and A-arm suspension bits, I think? You can barely see the driver’s head over that hood, too. Tires and wheels look to be modern car sizes, also.


What I think we’re looking at is a Dearborn Deuce, a company (that I think is now defunct?) that built all-steel roadster bodies for use on what I think are custom chassis, too? It’s loosely based on a ’32 Ford, hence the name, and I suspect these usually have Ford V8 power.

This particular one looks to have some custom body work – those cut-down doors, the cycle fenders, and so on. Is that what I’m looking at here? I think so, but I’m not 100% certain. Thomas thinks the passenger compartment is too far back to be a Dearborn Deuce, but I think it’s maybe just a modified one? That is a long-ass hood, though.

Also, if anyone has driven one of these, are they as ungainly as they seem? Or are those just my small car biases showing through?

Oh, how about a bonus picture of Juno, just to start the day right?

Cs Junosticl


She really wanted to take that stick inside, with the goal of chewing it up into a bown, pulpy, masticated paste and then distributing it even all over the rug. I had to tell her no, leave it outside, dummy.

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Vetatur Fumare
Vetatur Fumare
9 months ago

A plate search may reveal the VIN. I know, I know, where is the fun in that?

9 months ago

I don’t know what it is, but I do know it totally belongs in Chapel Hill.

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