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When Your Car’s Battery Isn’t Much Better Than Your Phone’s: COTD


David Tracy is a changed man. He moved away from the rusts and sorrows of frozen Detroit for the bubble teas and glistening beaches of the Golden State. His fleet has changed, too, as his rides went from having more holes than Swiss cheese to having high-voltage batteries. David used to roll in Detroit iron, now he daily drives German carbon fiber. One of his rides is a Nissan Leaf with around 20 miles of range. David and Jason think it’s a useful car while Thomas and I mock how it couldn’t even leave Los Angeles under its own power. Matt, mysteriously, seems to covet it.

Yet, we’re 52 members closer to improving David’s situation. Instead of commuting in a Nissan Leaf with barely more range than a Honda Motocompacto, we could make him live in a Pontiac Aztek complete with the crossover’s sweet tent! That’s an upgrade, right?

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

CuppaJoe noticed that David likes to live a dangerous life, running his phone down to the last percent:

Apparently, DT likes his phone to operate in the same way he likes his cars. As in, JUST BARELY useful. 8% battery? Plug in, man!

But JurassicComanche25 is quick to point out the problem, here:

If he plugs in the phone, the leaf wont make it to work.

Yep, shut it down, everyone. This might be comment of the rest of the week unless someone somehow tops this!


Earlier today, The Bishop wrote a piece that I’m sure has lawyers like my wife seeing dollar signs. How do you make a Cozy Coupe better? Make it float, of course! The comments in this one were hilarious.

Brockstar had a good hit:

“Simplify and add buoyancy.” – Lotus of Waterworld.

Taargus Taargus got me with this dry wet humor:

As the parent of a 2 and 5 year old, and the owner of a pool, just looking at this thing gave me hives.

But once the Benadryl kicks in I’m sure I would come around and give it a purchase.

Finally, let’s look at the shenanigans Volkswagen has been doing lately.


Look, I love my Veedubs, but the company has been a bit sad, lately. Volkswagen’s old Harlekin and Harlequin cars have a cult following and when VW began teasing what became its April Fools’ joke, I saw my friends around the world getting super pumped. But I didn’t believe it. Volkswagen would never be as cool as to bring back real Harlequin cars, and sadly, my prediction was true. Come on, April Fools’ jokes are supposed to be funny, not remind you of better times!

The NSX Was Only in Development for 4 Years is so right:

I love that the automotive world is currently so bleak that it’s considered a prank to tell people you’re going to build a car in a fun color scheme.

Have a great evening, everyone.

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10 days ago

Why so serious? (insert batman voice here)

I love fun coloured vehicles.

Having happily owned red, and yellow vehicles over the years (as well as being stymied with colour pallets in shades of grey) – I’m currently stuck in monochrome as I couldn’t even order my vehicle in colour. It makes me a little sad. They’re so much easier to find in a crowded lot – I had a black rental Mazda3 sedan when we went to Disney – finding that relied on the remote’s alarm button a few times (I suppose it could have been much worse, I could have had a grey nissan rogue).

10 days ago
Reply to  Spikedlemon

For real, VW’s prank was: “We’re going to give the people something cool! Haha jk.”

I’m currently in a white vehicle b/c I gave up trying to find the vehicle I wanted in an actual color. And I can’t wrap it b/c I use a suction cup bike rack (yes, it’s scary; no, the bike hasn’t flown off yet).

10 days ago
Reply to  Pupmeow

I looked at those racks, I never even put 1-and-1 together that you’d not be able to wrap for that as I put a trailer hitch on my car instead for bike transport.

But the whole idea that you need to pay another few grand to wrap your car just to get away from black/white/grey is asinine.

Mr Sarcastic
Mr Sarcastic
10 days ago

Well if DT does decide to live in an Aztec for a week he can visit San Francisco and take the pulse of the drug population live in tents sub culture. I hope he doesn’t get killed.

10 days ago
Reply to  Mr Sarcastic

Nah, he wouldn’t even have to leave L.A. to experience any of that…

Last edited 10 days ago by ESO
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