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You Hit Powerball. What Car Or Motorcycle Are You Displaying In Your New Mansion’s Living Room? Autopian Asks

Autopian Asks Living Room

Congratulations! You just hit the big one in an alternate universe, whatever the Powerball lottery is called in a dimension where everything’s the same except custard enjoys anti-gravity properties. Even after taxes, you’d have an obscene amount of money to play with, and the fabulously rich are certainly known for prominent indoor displays of machinery.

Truthfully, if I hit the lottery, I’d be more interested in buying a three-bed two-bath house in a convenient neighborhood, getting a reasonably nice winter car/tow rig I won’t have to worry about for a decade, parking a few million in the S&P 500, and living well below my means off the interest than doing the whole mansion thing. I mean, have you seen what good groundskeepers and cleaners cost these days?

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

However, if I had to do the whole mega-flex thing and park a car in my living room, it would have to be something brilliant to look at yet tiny and comically underpowered.

1983 Mitsuoka Bubu 502 Ab19

Something that’s better as a static object d’art than actual transportation. For that, I’m going with a Mitsuoka BUBU 502. Sure, it’s not exactly known as the most beautiful car of all time, but it’s striking, compact, and perfectly-sized for indoor display. Plus, if I tried to take it out on the roads of Toronto, I’d quickly get mowed down by someone in a RAV4, so keeping it as a living room plaything would be an act of mercy.


So, if you were suddenly flush with hundreds of millions of dollars from hitting the Powerball, what car or motorcycle would you keep inside your house? Oh, and don’t worry about having to upgrade to a place with zinc countertops and onyx statues to gain the space. That’s all part of the new money game.

(Photo credits: Maserati, TTTNIS — own work, CC0)

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7 months ago

Give me a matching pair of white 1989 Honda motorcycles–a PC800 and VFR750–for contrasting effect.

It would also save any poor soul from having to mechanically maintain two of the most difficult bikes I’ve ever worked on in terms of carburetor access.

Last edited 7 months ago by BurntClutches
Evan Shealy
Evan Shealy
7 months ago

It would change daily. But I think I would start with an LS7 powered LLV mail truck

Pointy Deity
Pointy Deity
7 months ago

Beast of Turin

(It’s a very big living room, you see.)

Erik Waiss
Erik Waiss
7 months ago

Get weird(ish), I’d get a cherry, polished, chromed-up 1959 Cadillac Hearse by Miller Meteor coach builders (with the curvy back windows!). I’d be happy with Black, but finding or repainting one to a bright blue or rich brown would be swank.

Myk El
Myk El
7 months ago

On the condition that a car must be displayed in the living room to get the money, I’m probably getting an original Mini Cooper, putting it so it’s facing a giant flatscreen TV for indoor drive in movie night.

Urban Runabout
Urban Runabout
7 months ago


There’s another LHD S3 Mulliner Park Ward DHC of this color combo – I believe a 1965 – that was on the West Coast.
I like them not because of the Tudor Grey paint – but for the Red interiors.

And because Bentley.

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