You Will Never Be As Happy As The People In The Promo Photos For The Renault Twingo


The Renault Twingo is a joyful little French car that looks like a happy character in a Miyazaki film. It has those expressive little eye/headlights, rounded corners everywhere, and a size that just begs you to hug it. Clearly, the people who did the promotional photos in the 1990s for the first generation Twingo understood this, which is why seemingly every image of this car features people who look like they are having the best time, anyone, anywhere, has ever head.

Renault Twingo 92

What is even happening here? It’s a family. They’ve run off the road somewhere. The daughter/wife is wearing a very Sydney Sweeney-ish crop top. Everyone is so damn happy.

Renault Twingo 989 010700000a4107a6This woman took two hits of E, went to an all-night rave in the 13th, and has come down from her high only to realize she’s purchased a very affordable and nicely packaged Twingo.

Renault Twingo 420 0000000008840676

This guy is shocked, the Twingo, with its centrally-mounted instrument panel, is apparently a great place to make out. This guy can’t believe it. There’s so much space in such a tiny footprint! He can’t even pay attention to his girlfriend/mistress!

Renault Twingo 850 004300000a0e0798

These two people don’t even know each other. They just saw another person driving a Twingo and fell in love!

Renault Twingo 70

Ok, so the kid has met the grandparents, who also have a Twingo. Apparently the blonde is the daughter and the brunette is the mom? I hope. It’s France so…

Renault Twingo 2What’s happening over there? These people seem curious.

Renault Twingo 108 000000000a7107c5

These people are also curious, but they also know that whatever it is, it’s good.

Renault Twingo Canvas Top 6 0000043a097f092a

Ah, of course, it’s a family ready for the beach! This seems to clearly be central France and nowhere near a place you could use a surfboard. Is that strange? Not if you own a Twingo. Owning a Twingo is like doing a rail of joy right off of Paddington Bear’s cute little hat.

Renault Twingo Canvas Top 1 000000000a2007b3

Is it always daytime in Twingo world? Not at all. Sometimes it’s twilight and… stuff like this happens. Whatever this is.

Renault Twingo 385

Oh good, it’s day again, and we’re going to go play tennis in tennis shoes that are also pumps somehow.

Renault Twingo Benetton 2 0051000009ea07a6

Do you have globes? Are we a multi-ethnic grouping of friends? The Twingo accepts all.

Renault Twingo 278 00c500000a820800

Hey ladies! I’ve got a Twingo 2. Let’s make out in a field!

RenaulttwingospaceNo idea, but it’s fun!

Thank you for this brief moment of happiness, Twingo. Would that I could evaporate into your world. Also thank you for Daniel Golson for pointing out the crazy site where I found all these.

Photos: Renault via Wheelsage

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36 Responses

  1. The Twingo is awesome! Too bad they never sold it over here. Cool colors, cool interiors, and a giant canvas sunroof 😀

    The Twingos I see for sale on Autoscout 24 never have the colorful interiors you see in those press photos :/

    1. Agreed! If I could find one nearby and reasonably priced, I would so totally drive it all the time. I miss the days when cars came in such a vivid array of colors. Plus, I’ve never wanted to play tennis as badly as I do now. Such exquisite muscle tone!

  2. Count me as a huge fan of those early Twingos (note on the pluralization – I know it would be “standard” to add in the “e” but honestly that spelling just looks right)
    When I visited a friend during 2002 for a couple weeks in France she was driving a Twingo. We covered a fair number of miles in that car, and I loved the small size for city work while it was still not bad at all on higher speed roads, at least up to 110km/h class highways. For the small package size it has a surprisingly large amount of room in it, and I am not a small guy.
    If I lived in Europe I’d happily rock one of these as a daily driver.

  3. Back in 1997 my wife – then girlfriend – and I did our first big trip together. We had a month in Europe, starting in the Netherlands, looping down through France to Spain, over to Italy, up through Switzerland and Austria (for summertime snowboarding on a glacier) over through Germany to Czech Republic and back to NL. The only affordable option was to do a short term purchase/sale agreement of a Twingo from Renault. The deal was really slick. The same document was a contract for us to buy, and then sell back the Twingo a month later. Super affordable, and Renault was not on the hook for liability the way they would have been for a rental.

    Anyway, I am sure we had some tense moments, but in my memories we were pretty much this happy all the time. Being from the US, it was a revelation to drive a small, efficent car that did not treat you like an asshole for driving a small car. Clever packaging, fun materials, enough power to get around, and small enough to park and navigate easily. We both loved it. And as a bonus we would often camp in the countryside (thank you Spain!) in a tiny two person tent that was basically the same size and shape as the Twingo. Next to each other they were as cute as two bugs in a rug. So yes, pretty much a month-long “rail of joy right off of Paddington Bear’s cute little hat.” Thanks for the memories Autopian and Twingo!!!!

      1. Back in the 80’s, my first job was as the “lot boy” for a used car lot. I got to drive a massive cross section of cars and the Chevette and Tempo stick out as some of the worst cars I had ever driven. I remember thinking “if this is how Detroit is going to compete with the Rabbit and the Corolla, the US car industry is in big trouble…”

        1. That is an interesting statement and it depends on your definition of small. As I think about it, you are mostly right, American compact cars usually had some fatal flaw in reliability, safety, or efficiency. I am not sure it this was due to lack of design expertise, imagination, effort, or building to a price point. I suspect all of the above. American manufacturers just couldn’t imagine building a quality small car like a Toyota Corolla.

          The Dodge Neon and Nash Ramblers were pretty good out of the box. The British Ford Escort was good but we got a POS.

        2. I had a friend who came to really love Geo Metros. He drove jeeps and trucks, got one semi-jokingly for gas $$$ relief in 2008. He became a Metro guru thereafter, always had a couple. It was basically an OK, pretty usable car that got crazy fuel economy and was mostly bulletproof.

    1. ” in my memories we were pretty much this happy all the time. Being from the US, it was a revelation to drive a small, efficient car that did not treat you like an asshole for driving a small car. Clever packaging, fun materials, enough power to get around, and small enough to park and navigate easily. We both loved it. ”

      +1, came here to say this.. had a Twingo for 3 weeks once as a rental in Greece, smiled every time I got into it, while driving it, and while locking it (in anticipation of the next drive). The ads aren’t wrong..

  4. I’m surprised no one has developed an app based business that connects multi racial / gay families and couples with people having garden parties that don’t have multi racial friends. The possibilities are endless.

  5. “Apparently the blonde is the daughter and the brunette is the mom? I hope. It’s France so…”

    …so obviously the blonde is the wife and the brunette is the mistress. Not sure which one is the kid’s mom. Neither is the dad.

  6. Okay but i played on this modded gtav server that had semi realistic handling and they had a twingo and it just opened me up to how lovely it is lmao. But being from the United States other than them now being imported now its not easy to go and drive one myself but i feel like I’d buy one tbh for the memes

  7. Re the surfing Twingo: I’m not sure how you can tell they are in central France, but nowhere is France is more than a days drive from the coast.

    It’d be a noisy trip in a Twingo with the roof open, but less noisy than in a 2CV with the roof open.

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