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Barbie Dream Moped: Cold Start

Cs Pugmoped

Okay, technically this 1967 ad for Peugeot BB-series mopeds doesn’t have anything to do with the famous fashion-doll Barbie™ and her equally smooth-groin’d partner Ken, but it sure as hell feels like it could be. Like so many of these, the illustration skills shown are absolutely stellar, though I don’t really understand how yellow sweater lady can drive that thing with those two slim books in her hand. There’s no bag or basket visible on that moped, and while there’s a luggage rack, I don’t see any bungee cords or anything? I’m starting to think this may not be real.

Also, hell of an ascot on Ken there.

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15 Responses

  1. Given the jaunty angle of what we can see of the saddle and its forward end lifting her skirt, I’m reading all kinds of satisfaction into her knowing smile . . .

  2. You totally miss the concept. Man 8 thought you were better than that. Hot chick pretends to need help. Captain of the football team comes over and offers help. He transports the books to her house. Meets the parents inauspiciously. Invited to dinner with his folks. Boom marry these two off by the end of the semester. Sure the traditionalist will say where is the dowry? Where are the goats? But Chad might play in NFL and make good bucks. His parents are not going to risk being put in a lousy retirement home for a few goats. Little ditty about Jack and Diane, two American kids growing up in the heartland.

  3. I lived in France for a year in the mid seventies and experienced the full wonder of french moped madness. There was midnight racing in the old markets, youths on souped up ‘racers’ being flung across the cobblestones with abandon and grannies nipping down to Inno’s for a couple of litres of Algerian red. I lived in a classy part of Paris where svelte young women, looking much like this advertisement, rode Peugeot, Solex or Mobylette mopeds with insouciance. She would have secured the books with the leather strap she carried in a pocket.

    1. Not sure I see a pocket in that yellow sweater that seamlessly transitions to a green skirt. But there is a little pouch behind her seat, maybe that’s where she keeps it.

  4. “I don’t really understand how yellow sweater lady can drive that thing with those two slim books in her hand.”

    That was the purpose of those high bouffant hair-dos, Jason. When she was ready to ride, she’d just tuck those books into that puffy mound of hairsprayed locks and away she’d go!

    1. He’s not riding a Moped, and this is the “Meet the nicest people” era of lightweight motorcycles..white Levi’s with a thin black belt, a Madras shirt and loafers with white socks.
      Source: I was that guy.

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