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Bet You’ve Never Heard A Road Trip Described Like This: COTD


Road trips remain some of the greatest ways to experience America. That said, sometimes you don’t really want to dawdle around and you just want to get there. This morning, Matt wrote about a study that claims that 46 percent of American EV owners want to go back to ICE. The comments are full of debates, but one comment sticks out. Like me, Cerberus doesn’t like waiting to go places, but they have a fun way of describing it:

When I was a childless 20 something, I drove straight to anything. I was like the sole pilot of a bomber in the SAC returning from a show of force over the Soviet Union during nuclear tensions where everyone else on the flight was incapacitated from some mystery problem. As a childless 40 something, I don’t do long runs anymore, but if old Iron Ass got called back for one last secret mission over enemy territory, I’d run it the same way, this time with energy drinks.

Lewin wrote about a pretty sweet Ford Maverick SEMA Ford dealership build with a decidedly uncool $85,000 price tag. Alexk98 found a piece of irony:

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Dealers: “Well we can’t give you KBB trade-in value because the car is modified, and that will take away from the value of the car on the used market”

Also Dealers: “Hey we slapped a bunch of one-off, niche, showy, and impractical crap at this $25k truck as a marketing stunt for SEMA, and these mods really add to the value of the truck so we’re asking you to pay to cover the entire cost of the build thanks”

Earlier today, Jason dipped into his wild mind to give us a roadster based on the new postal truck. AlterId deepens the lore:

Thank you for noting the back rows. Although Oshkosh calls this a roadster, it is in fact more of a cabriolet. That is not a bad thing, as the additional seats, shared body panels and absence of chippable and breakable glass other than the windshield should make it much less expensive to insure, even if the theft portion goes up a tad because there are no lockable doors.

Also I’m assuming that any pain you may have felt today due to your recent adventures in cardiology or for any other reason was somehow stomped entirely out of existence before you commenced this timely and insightful news post. Good for you, and thus good for all of us.


As an embarrassing side note. In the recent past, I wrote something about the Grumman LLV. When I was sourcing that story, I came upon a story about the so-called Grumman LLV Roadster reported on by who else, Jason. I didn’t read to the bottom of the article and for a brief moment I took it for truth. Thank heavens I decided to double-check before sending in the story for editing!


Finally, Adrian wrote about his theory about why BMW has decided to move away from cars so horrifying even Freddy Krueger would be scared of. Vanillasludge sums it up well:

Having exhausted all other possibilities, BMW will now begin building good looking cars.

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1 month ago

Vanillasludge’s comments seems top have slipped away.

Chartreuse Bison
Chartreuse Bison
1 month ago

Comeon, that’s not a bomber. The filename even says EC135

Last edited 1 month ago by Chartreuse Bison
1 month ago

Back to back days in COTD! I suspect this will never happen again haha. Seriously though that 85k price tag is absurd for a bone stock interior, and its not even a lariat! Dealers… dealers are a special breed.

1 month ago
Reply to  Alexk98

Yeah, you nailed that one!

1 month ago

Congrats to everyone today!

I would like to note that the postal delivery roadster is the exact type of nonsense that makes me love this site. While I enjoy all of the writers, whenever I see an article that makes me go “What the…” and then Jason’s name on the byline, excitement wells up inside me eager to see what silliness he has come up with next.

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