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Car Enthusiast Finds Heartwarming Note On Rusty Mercedes

Greatestcard Benz

I don’t know if car culture can save this country, but at a time when everything seems fractured it’s nice to have something many of us can share. When Seattle enthusiast Jarren was walking up to his imperfect 1970 Mercedes 220D he saw a note on his car that sums up all that’s great about sharing a love for something as simple as the automobile.

Merc Rear

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Jarren was at a Lake Washington Cars and Coffee event this weekend when he saw this note. If you don’t want to squint it says:

Congratulations, you and your car have been awarded the coveted award for: GREATEST CAR I’VE SEEN THIS WEEK. This award is something I made up for the sole purpose of honoring people like you, for owning and caring for such a great vehicle. Keep up the awesome!

If you look at the Lake Washington Cars and Coffee Instagram you’ll see a collection of beautiful Alfas, Lotuses, 911s, and event a Morgan Three-Wheeler. There were a lot of choices.


Patina Merc

“I thought it was pretty cool because that event is packed full of more traditional “enthusiast” cars and so I appreciated that out of everything there someone liked my ratty old Benz the most,” Jarren told me in a DM.

Fzk48pwuyaequol 1024x824

This is awesome. This is what car culture should be all about. It’s easy to find faults with what other people’s cars, to rag on their choices. You know what’s even easier, though? Finding something you love about their car.

Speaking of, one of Jarren’s other cars is a Peugeot 505, an absolute favorite of mine, even if it isn’t in perfect shape.


Isthisyourcar 1024x617

“Unfortunately the 505 needs a transmission at the moment (my penance for thinking a cross country drive in a $1000 French car was a good idea) but I’ve still got it and I’ll hopefully get it back on the road eventually,” said Jarren.

Excellent choices all around, Jerren, never change.

All images courtesy of Jerren via his Twitter account and used with permission.

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