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Cold Start: If I Had To Imagine An Aquatic Owl Car This Would Be Pretty Close

Cs Lemansscuba

There’s something undeniably sleek and cool about these late-’60s GMs, like this 1968 Pontiac LeMans that has been driven to an inky black void so its passengers can go scuba diving into the cold nothingness. Looks like a good time! Look how much that dude is grinning, and how the lady is caught mid-laugh! But what really strikes me is how owl-like that front end looks, with its prominent beak, and how the dolphin-colored sleek body feels strangely aquatic, perhaps influenced by the scuba twins there.

The result is something that feels like what I’d want as my car if I was an aquatic owl-themed superhero, perhaps named Aquahoot or something. This is what I’d whip around in on land, before skidding to a halt, hooting my trademark hoot, and plunging into the water to plug a pipeline or whatever.

Anyway, welcome to a new week!

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30 Responses

    1. I ought to mention, I suppose, that I am not an owl expert. I have just spent a weekend at Goodwood with an owl obsessed 6 year old. Every car, and there were a lot of cars, was judged by it’s owlness.It was a long weekend!

  1. Hey Jason, so glad to have found you again. Missed your witty, entertaining, yet educational writing! Great article.

    Don’t miss that guy with the 42 rusted out, non-running Jeeps, whose sole claim to fame is assisting with the design of a Fiat-Chrysler climate control system (which he will mention in the first 30 seconds of conversation, even if you just are asking for directions or about the weather) but I understand he’s your Gronk.

    Best of luck with the new venture. Loving the look and the vibe so far!

    1. Wow it works everytime. As soon as the message “you need to be logged in blabla” comes, simply write a useless comment under some other article and finally you can write a comment where you wanted.

      Come on guys, fix it!

  2. I’ve always gotten an “owl vibe” from Pontiac styling, particularly the later models with the emblems, they remind me of a Red Owl (grocery chain for those who don’t recall).

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