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Cold Start: Landscape Or Colonoscopy?


I realize this isn’t the fault of the art director or the photographer, or anyone other than the cruelty of time and what she does to print inks over time, but the background of this image of a very yellow Chevy Impala is so red and densely textured that, from a distance, it almost looks like a mass of internal organs, like this photo was taken inside a whale, via blowhole endoscope or something.

That tree looks bronchial, that boulder could be a gall bladder, and everything around them looks like healthy, blood-soaked tissue.

I mean, I think this is because of some aging issues; I guess it’s possible this looked like this when new? Who here was alive in 1965 and has an incredible visual memory?

Happy Friday, champions.

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24 Responses

  1. I’m getting real murdery vibes from this. Her defensive posture, covering herself up. His casual blocking of her exit. The psychedelic horror film aesthetic. The size of the trunk.

    1. This reminds me of the incredibly weird way Family Feud censors things. I’ve seen Hershey Highway (for butts) and Peach Cobbler (for vaginas). Haven’t seen anything for penises but I am also not a regular Family Feud watcher.

  2. First I don’t think this is a final copy of an ad more like one that has only 2 of the 4 colors necessary for photography
    Second I’m getting a Total Recall vibe that says this is a car of the future.

  3. It does look a little like what I saw on the screen during my last colonoscopy. After they were done, the nurse said she was going to put a note in my chart to use a stronger sedative next time.

  4. Gosh I was expecting this to be some sort of recurring feature where a particular shit box/automotive transport device maintenance task be voted on as being a landscape or a colonoscopy.

    Rotate tires = landscape
    Throw out bearing = colonoscopy
    Prius cabin air filter = landscape
    Mustang cabin air filter = colonoscopy (from what I hear)

  5. I think the image is a composite. The only parts that look real to me are the people.

    The background looks like it may be a painting, though the graininess could be the result of shooting in low light. That would explain the reddish tint, but then a filter would also cause that.

    The car definitely looks like an illustration, which was pretty normal for ads in the ’60s. GM employed several artists who painted the cars in their ads. Some of their work actually looked better than the real cars.

    Major clues for me are the lack of visible seating in the car and the way the light on it defies physics. The way it’s lit up it should be casting shadows behind it. Instead, all the light behind the car is coming from the right. The lighting on the people is off as well.

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