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Cold Start: Meet One Of My Favorite Cars From The Autopian Meetup!

Cs T3 Show

As you may know, we had our First Ever West Coast All-Autopian-Staff Present meetup and car show, and I think it was a fantastic success. So many great cars showed up! So many people! I was informed that 70 pizzas were consumed by people, which either means a small group of absurdly hungry people came or there were a lot of people who showed up. Or maybe two hippos, legendary for their hungry hungriness, but I bet I would have noticed them. We will have some video and a story about the show soon enough, but before that I just wanted to show one car that I found especially appealing, for a number of reasons. This ’66 Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback.

I’ve always loved Type 3s because of their fantastic packaging, which I’m just going to explain via this image:

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Type3 Cutaway

The most incredible part about this car, which belongs to George, who in turn belongs to the San Fernando Smurfs, a local VW group, is that as of 8 pm the night before the car show, this car had no engine installed. But, here the car is, a testament to the power of last-minute scrambling to get something done. I was so impressed.

There’s a lot to be impressed with on this car. It’s riding on bags and has an integrated air tank and compressor, so it can raise and lower, which is amazing, and you’ll notice that far more windows open than the factory ever made. George made custom window pop-out setups for the four side windows and the rear window as well.


ParkinglampAlso notable are those two little lights atop the front fenders. Those aren’t technically supposed to go there – they usually live on the sides of the fenders just in front of the doors – as they are German market parking lights. They illuminate, on one or the other side only, when the car is parked on a narrow street, casting white light ahead and red behind, so cars can see your car and not smack into you in the dark.

George is using them as indicators, which I think is great. Automotive lighting is meant to be enjoyed!

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1 year ago

If you would like more information on my Sick 66 Squareback, feel free to email me georgeocegueda@yahoo.com

1 year ago

Ah, good to see a squareback. The second vehicle I ever purchased was a ’67 squareback. At the time, ny brother, cousin, and a couple of friends all owned ’66/67 squarebacks. Mine was found in the back of a local VW dealer obtained as a trade-in with popping heads. $500 and I drove it home. This was way back in 1978. I still have it and it is currently mostly torn down for battery box floor weld repair. And with it down that far, it is time to remove paint, do bodywork, and repaint. I have all the bits and pieces to put it all back together with old and new bits. Just need to get to it!And, oh yes, I was able to drop the engine in 20 minutes at one time, solo.

1 year ago

Hi Torch,
Thank you and I’m flattered for your article on my Squareback. This car has gone through some horrible events including being stolen and completely stripped by a Craigslist mechanic. I had it for sale for $1500 and when no one wanted it, I told my wife that I will convert it into an amazing car. She supported me all the way through the project. The result is what you got to see.

George Ocegueda

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