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Cold Start: Saab Cinema


I’m not sure I could absolutely point out every reason why, but something about this 1971 Saab brochure reminds me of a movie poster, for some sort of European/Scandinavian thriller. It takes place in Stockholm, and the blonde in the green jacket is a spy, and the guy there, he’s her mark. Maybe she’s supposed to assassinate him, but they fall in love, and in the end it looks like they’re going to escape away together but then the movie ends with them in bed and the camera pans up to reveal her hand on a gun under the pillow and a lone tear tracking down her cheek and then boom, cut to black, and you’re not 100% sure she did it.

She probably did. But maybe not? Anyway, we made it another week! Thanks so much for sticking with us!

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14 Responses

  1. Brochures are another thing we have somehow lost. How many commercials will people collect years from now?

    More importantly, Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie for the part of “Greta”?

  2. I would 100% watch that movie and now it is your duty to write it Jason. Just imagine the obscure cars you could sprinkle in throughout the story.

  3. Ah, a post that seems like it was made for me.

    Yeah, every now and then you DO feel like a spy, and then the key breaks off in the ignition between the seats when it’s 12 degrees in December. That was a fun morning.

    1. Me, as a twenty-something, very irresponsibly left a party and hopped into my beater SAAB 99. After taking two or three stabs at the steering column, I looked down between the seats at the ignition lock, and knew I shouldn’t be driving. Tossed my keys into the cubby and went inside, rejoined the party and spent the night.

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