Cold Start: Shameless Plug Approaching, Be Aware

Cs Shamelessplug

Oh, hey, what’s this? It seems to be my award-winning [Editor’s Note: No awards won have been confirmed – JT]  book, Robot, Take The Wheel, only now it’s dramatically safer, because it’s in soft-cover, paperback form, instead of the incredibily dangerous, sharp-cornered hardcover edition that you may have been afraid to have in your home. Well, that problem is solved now! If you’ve been avoiding buying the book that our own David Tracy called “a book”  because you hated that you couldn’t roll it into a U-shape, then hot damn are you in for good news.

The paperback is available pretty much everywhere you buy books, you know, muffler shops, strip clubs, industrial gas refineries, all those sorts of places.

Okay, sorry for the shameless plug, but I got books to move, baby! The warehouse needs the room to store copies of Martha Stewart’s Guide to Rebuilding The Iron Duke (1977-1993) so help a buddy out!

Plus, if you’re an Autopian reader and send it to me with a way to send it back, I’ll sign it and draw a picture of a car in it for you! Why not, right?

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47 Responses

      1. Appropriate username there!

        Those who appreciate the sagas of Loki will be well served by reading the versions over at
        (In no way associated; I just enjoy his style. NSFW, btw-you damn sure want to turn the volume WAY down on the videos. I prefer his prose)

    1. One of the one-star comments describes the book as akin to “a C- community college term paper.” As someone who has graded many such papers, I would never give this book a C-. My institution requires grades to be on a numerical scale.

  1. [Editor’s Note: No awards won have been confirmed – JT]

    I hereby award “Robot Take the Wheel” the prestigious Sixonthefloor award for excellence in printed materials and for excellence in achievement. The award will be sent when I get around to it, but feel free to note it on the cover of the second edition.

  2. Why don’t you send me a copy and I’ll draw something in it for you instead!?

    And finally, a book with crumple zones to pass those stringent home crash standards, I have a toddler to watch out for!

  3. I… actually would like to get my hardcover copy signed by you. I made sure we got it in stock at the bookstore I used to work at.

    What is the best way to send it to you? (Meetup would be awesome but I’m up in the New York State capital district, sooo that might be a while ’til you’re out this way.)

  4. You’re tempting me with that Corvair.

    Speaking of Chevys that were finally the car they should’ve been all along by the last model year, the Citation. Did you know that it came as close as probably any car ever has to having amber rear turn signals as a separate option? Technically, they were bundled as part of an “Deluxe Exterior Option Group” along with chrome window frames and pinstripes, but that was well short of being a full-blown trim level that’s a model in its’ own right, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were offered separately to fleet buyers.

  5. Just ordered the dangerously cornered hard copy version. Hot tip – B&N have a 15% off code only available through today (6/22) so hurry!
    Does anyone have the address of Autopian World Headquarters so I can ship it to Jason’s undoubtedly attractive Ambear receptionist for signature?

  6. I own a copy of this book, and have read it cover to cover. It’s interesting in a good way, decently written, and entertaining from time to time. If you’re really interested in the subject matter, it’s absolutely first rate!

    If you guys ever throw a shindig on this side of Lake Michigan I’ll bring my copy to be signed.

  7. “Plus, if you’re an Autopian reader and send it to me with a way to send it back, I’ll sign it and draw a picture of a car in it for you! Why not, right?”
    There’s an exciting prospect! When you get flooded with copies of your own book, you only have yourself to blame/thank.

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