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Cold Start: Take A Fishing Meeting With Your Kid


There’s a lot going on here in this nicely-saturated photo from a 1966 NSU Prinz 1000 brochure. Based on the equipment, it looks like dad and kid are taking the ol’ rear-engined Prinz out fishing, though why that necessitates a tie for dad and near-lederhosen outfit for kid escapes me. They’re not taking a business meeting with fish, are they?

Or are they? Is that boat the kid is holding actually some sample merchandise they want to try and get fish-community distribution for? Is it a fish-boat, where fish can experience the surface, see the sky, all while remaining close enough to life-giving water? Is that what’s happening here?

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Do they need the rods to catch the fish to actually meet with them? Does mom know? Is there booze in that thermos?

So many questions. Love that Prinz, though. Little Euro Corvair with a canted inline-four: