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Cold Start: The Spaceship You Use To Get Groceries


If you look at a Citroën SM and don’t find some part of your body getting turgid or pulsating a bit more rapidly then I’d suggest that you shouldn’t bother showing up for work, because, buddy, you’ve expired.

What I really love about the SM is that it’s not intimidatingly sleek or elegant; it’s both of those things, but there are still some odd choices throughout the car–proportions of windows, the odd low placement of the taillights, the friendly cocktail party of angles going on–and all of that, somehow, makes it more approachable and friendly, takes the coldness out of what could otherwise be an overly analytical design.

I love it.

Now, for the part of this where I just talk to you readers about what’s going on! Damn, this is a lot of work with a small staff! We have so many great contributors, but the day-to-day is a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and adore writing things for you to read, but before we staff up, oh man, there’s a decent chance David might end up hiring goons to work me over, just to relieve the stress.

That’s okay. I bet it’ll be kind of like a massage.

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40 Responses

  1. Lotto win purchase for me. Then again, if you squint real hard and rationalize your ass off, the Honda Accord 2.0T Sport looks like a CX, which is sort of real close to the SM.

    Oh, never mind.

    P.S. there are no grays!

  2. In regards to being worked over, as Michael Scott would say, “Every day weirdos pay dominatrixes hundred of dollars for that very privilege. I’m afraid I’m going to love it!”

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