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Cold Start: This Was The Second-Coolest Golf Cart At Monterey Car Week

Cs Golfcart 2nd

Are golf carts cars? Yes. Yes, they are. In fact, your average golf cart would have been one of the most comfortable, fastest, and reliable cars between, oh, 1769 and 1910 or so. So I’m counting them, which is why I’d like to show you the second-coolest golf cart I saw at Monterey Car Week, which, yes, I’m still talking about. If you’re nice, I’ll show you the coolest one, too.

The cart up there was being used on the Pebble Beach grounds themselves and I was told by the drivers that the customization was handled by their boss, who added the fancy lights, grille, windshield, and an eagle/aircraft stylized hood ornament from what I think must have been a 1955-ish Chevy.

While these absolutely dress up the utilitarian gold cart made from Cozy Coupé-grade plastics and dramatically change how the cart is perceived, it can’t hold a candle to the best golf cart of the week, which was this one:


Hot damn that’s a fine golf cart! Look at the sleek ’80s wedge design! The novel headlight placement above the hood! The full-car-like stance and presence! It’s fantastic, and it’s a Yamaha G5 Sun Classic golf car. I’m hesitant to write too much more about it because I think it may deserve its own article. So keep an eye out for that.

Also, one last thing: I’m en route to drive the new VW ID.Buzz electric Microbus, and I think I’ve just been in the nicest airplane bathroom I’ve ever had the pleasure of befouling:

Look at that! Charming painted traditional Dutch buildings, rendered in the color and style of Delftware! Airplane bathrooms usually have all the style of a medical device used to drain cysts, but not this time!

Taking a comfortable if cramped bowel movement a mile in the sky and staring at Delftware-inspired wall art? How can you beat that? You can’t is how.




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18 Responses

  1. The Air New Zealand flight I took three weeks before the pandemic hit the US had all four bathroom walls designed to look like a library. It was amazing! The Autopian would be well advised to do an article or two on New Zealand cars….maybe a side trip for David after he’s kicked out of Australia for tripling the country’s rust quantity?

  2. My first engineering job out of school was at E-Z-GO. And the absolute first lesson you’re taught there: it’s a golf CAR, not a golf CART. Cart was a four-letter word in those halls.

  3. I love The Autopian but wonder why there is this preoccupation with bowels and poop. Comes up way more often here than elsewhere to the point of being….creepy.

    1. That gives this place some charm, IMO. Jason wouldn’t be Jason without his unique creepiness(crappiness; which carries over into his taste of cars).

      While I’ve personally never befouled an airplane bathroom, I once had to take an emergency dump at a bus station whose Mens’ room was missing the stall doors during a layover. The urinals were out of order, and everyone had to walk passed my stall to get to the other one in the back, since the back stall was unavailable when my turn in line came up, and it was a DEFCON 4 shituation with no room for negotiation thanks to the turtle’s head trying to poke at my boxers. My offering to the porcelain Temple of Sterculius ended up causing a clog with a line of people waiting for that toilet.

      Still nothing near as harrowing as the article published on this site about how one of the writers here earned the name STAB while flying a fighter jet.

      Embrace the creepy!

  4. The coolest golf cart I drove is the one I haven’t tipped over yet, after my 13th rum and Coke.
    And that bathroom has “Designed by Hallmark” or Kleenex tissue vibe.

  5. For a good while my father modified his GEM NEV(a speed limited Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) so the speedometer read twice as slow with a new motor. That glorified 2 row golf cart could go past 40 and take him to work on public streets. It didn’t have doors so the AC was just to add more speed and you adding layers was the heater hahaha. Eventually it was stolen overnight, I miss that thing

  6. I think I need a ’55 Chevy Bel Air hood ornament for something. I don’t know what, but I definitely need one.

    Maybe I could wear it around my neck on a chain, like Flavor Flav. Chrome. Yeah.

  7. I mean, you are in there a little longer to do your duty, so someone IS waiting to push in … and you KNOW what they’re charging into …. I want to answer the question they’re about to ask and just tell them what I ate on the way by, but it seems like a rule that it’s one of the hottest female passengers.
    Two can play at this crappy game.

  8. Nice little perspective on how good we have it for personal transportation these days. Well, not hard to beat a horse and cart.

    I’m keenly interested in your impressions of the Buzz. Especially any leaks about the American version.

  9. “If you’re nice, I’ll show you the coolest one, too.” Really kind of you to also show it to those of us who aren’t nice. I’m glad the folks of this site are nice enough to keep the average on the positive side.

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