Detroit-Area Autopians: Let’s Have A Car Show At Walmart Saturday Evening

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On Saturday, I will be hanging out in the Walmart parking lot, possibly with my Jeep J10, maybe with my brother’s Mustang, perhaps with my $700 Suzuki Tracker — who knows! Please join me so I don’t look like a weirdo standing all alone staring at his car in the Walmart parking lot.

I just got back from Germany, and boy did I miss the car culture here in The Motor Suburb. I’m ready to drink it in, so let’s have an Autopian meetup at the usual spot, followed by a cruise down Woodward Avenue, which is going to be absolutely lit on Saturday evening. Bring a lawn chair, as I plan to set up shop on the side of the fabled M-1, and just sit there into the night.

The details:

  1. What: An unsanctioned Atopian Meetup
  2. Where: Troy Walmart parking lot (2001 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48084)
  3. When: Saturday, July 30, 7:45 PM.
    1. We’ll stay there for about an hour and a half, then we’ll cruise Woodward and hang out.
  4. Will there be food?: Yes.
    1. Will the food be healthy?: No
    2. Will it be pizza?: You bet your ass it will be.
      1. Will the pizza be Little Caesars?: Am I a cheap bastard?


See you there, and if you live in the Detroit area, be sure to join The Autopian’s Detroit Facebook page so you don’t miss another one of these meetups. They’re pretty great.

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30 Responses

  1. Bad news for you then! My car is German!

    But please don’t bring anything for me to fix, I am still dead on my feet from over 4km of walking a day last week. Or at least keep it to Not The Tracker.

          1. Beer in my homestate is a bit lacking in variety. Whenever I can buy it, I pick up a Paulaner (I’ll yell at folks who somehow mispronounce it) mix pack, which has their Münchner Lager, Oktoberfest Märzen, standard Hefeweizen and…wait for it, Salvator Doppelbock. That would be fun to bring to a meet, although I’m sure you’re both quite tired of German beers at this point. 😉

            1. I have too much variety here, as long as you want an IPA and the fresh taste of Pine-Sol.
              But I do have a pretty good selection of other things. Like Paulaner any time I want it, but not the mix packs right now. (Did grab some Salvator Doppelbock. I’m a dark beers guy, which apparently, Swabians don’t believe in much. Good Radlers though.)

              I don’t think I’d be fully comfortable bringing, frankly, anything I picked up last night to a meet where people are driving though. The lowest ABV is a 7.4% and it’s a pint.

  2. Those of you looking forward to finally seeing my fabled doorless (and periodically underwater) XJ are in luck! All you have to do is come to my house and weld the floor and driver seat back in it, and I’ll absolutely be there.

    Apparently, there’s something “unsafe” about operating a vehicle you can “fall through”. (Sorry, “vehicle”.) Not something I’d heard before, but I have it on good authority.

  3. I genuinely hope y’all are still doing these in 2024 (which is when I hope to return to Dayton from overseas). I’d love to come meet all the Autopian royalty, even if my vehicles aren’t terribly obscure or interesting.

  4. If it wasn’t such a bloody mess of confusion and fascists (both ways) I’d be crossing the Windsor/Detroit bridge with my ’67 Mini Traveler to join you. Ever try to take an antique car there and back? Like, you need a receipt for every part. Good chance we’ll pop down in my wife’s plain jayne Toyota, though.

  5. Me and my buddies used to hang out in the Walmart parking lot back in high school 15 ish years ago. Lifted Jeeps, trucks, lowered trucks, couple Honda guys. No burnouts, no takeovers. Cops didn’t like it after about a year of that. We never did anything other than get together and hang out.

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