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Detroit-Area Autopians: Let’s Meet Friday At The Walmart Parking Lot!


Do you want to meet fellow Autopians? Are you interested in seeing a ridiculous spectrum of automobiles from supercars to straightup shitboxes? Can you get to metro Detroit in the next 36 hours? Do you think it’s cheesy starting introductions with a series of questions? Well Friday is your day.

The last Autopian meetup was a roaring success, with everything from Lamborghinis to TVRs to old trucks to $500 beaters assembling in an unofficial capacity at the Walmart parking lot in Troy, Michigan — just north of Detroit.

Your humble website plans to keep things classy by once again hanging out in a Walmart parking lot for a completely unsanctioned gathering of car-nerds. I plan to be there in a 1966 Ford Mustang. You should be there in something cool. Or not! If you wanna show up in a 2020 Toyota Corolla hatchback, join us! There will be pizza.

  • What: An unofficial gathering of car friends.
  • When: Friday, June 17, 2022 at 7 P.M.
  • Where: Walmart parking lot: 2001 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48084
  • Who: Your fellow Autopians
  • Why: Because, let’s be real, your spouse is tired of pretending to be interested in your car-stuff.

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44 Responses

  1. I’m still not sure what the various random Walmart shoppers thought they needed to take videos of while driving by. I was very much worried some Karen was going to try and call the police for [insert reason here].

    Hmm, more than likely will be actually out on Woodward at this time (because Friday night)…or still under my wife’s Cruze where I probably *should* be.

      1. Hmm…then possibly. I will be in my Volt because said Cruze is blocking the Cobalt or Camaro in the garage, so the drive down from northern Macomb on all electric is totally doable, albeit without any cruising.

        Perhaps we’ll stop by then head out to Ducati around 8ish. That means I’ll actually need to wash the Volt so it isn’t disgustingly dirty.

      2. Since I can’t edit my comments…you twisted my arm.

        I think my brother and I, and a colleague/friend of ours will stop by before heading up to Ducati.

    1. Maybe they just liked the cool cars? Not every woman is “a Karen” and not every instance where someone pulls out a camera in public is negative.

  2. That’s a long drive for me, coming from near Philadelphia, PA. But, if you’re offering pizza, that might make it worth the trip!

    Jealous of you folks who can be there….have fun!!

  3. “There will be pizza.”

    David Tracy’s meetup in Stanwood, WA, held under the auspices of that other site, didn’t have pizza. I’m beginning to suspect this site may have certain advantages over that other one.

    1. Well, I was living in a Land Cruiser at the time, recovering from twrenchfoot. It was a miracle I could show up at all.

      I don’t suspect I’ll be in as dire of straits this time, so I should be able to snag some ‘zas.

      1. Next time you buy some lost cause up here in the PNW and have to come drag it home, let me know and we’ll set something up, and *I’ll* buy the pizza.

              1. Yeah it’s definitely not dark, dreary, and somewhat depressing like a lot of luxury SUVs.

                I bet ya get used to it lol. I bet it’s comfortable.

  4. My crapbox (I don’t type the s-word ’cause that is naughty) and I aren’t going to make it to this one, but keep ’em coming. I’ll get out to another meetup in the future.

  5. Oh man. I can’t bring the G35x Safari out on Friday. I’m already going to Holly Oaks on Sunday and am only allowed to do one fun thing a month.

    1. Nobody robs people with a knife anymore. You must be old. Today, every young gangster has a 9mm or at the very least, a hand-me-down .38cal pistol to impress out of towners. Around here, if you pull out a knife, the average family guy in an SUV will whip out a hand gun, fire haphazardly into your behind, and leave you punk’d and bleeding for the EMT’s to clean up.

      Stabbed… pfft!

  6. See here’s my fear: DT will pull the trigger on the move to LA and I will have missed my chance for one of these. I can arrange to be there (from Indianapolis) on short notice…but not that short. But this side sounds like a nice event and The CrossTour is just itching for an event where it’s probably the only model of its kind. Have fun, kids.

      1. When he says “LA,” I’m picturing half an acre of desert outside Barstow with a doublewide in the middle and plenty of room to park. Like Budd’s place in Kill Bill but with fewer swords and more Jeeps.

    1. meh, even if he moves to LA…
      1) He’ll be back. LA will chew David up and he’ll spend all his time/money on ordinance violations.
      2) We can still have Autopian meetups. Walmart doesn’t have a preference if a bunch of weirdos show up in their parking lot with or without David.

      Of course #2 would require that someone takes some pictures and post them here so that we have proof that it happened 🙂 Also hard to organize a meetup from the comment section alone.

  7. David, we said more than 24 hours notice, as in several days. Not 25 hours.
    Seriously. It’s a 3 hour drive for me when I don’t have to plan for below-60F driving.

    1. … so I’ve had a think.
      How about we put these meet ups on an actual schedule? You know, where we have days or even WEEKS of advance notice so we can take time off work, plot trips, try to find gas stations not selling corn-piss as fuel, etc.

      Like “HEY AUTOPIANS! Let’s meet up at (insert slightly less sketchy location here, maybe Public House?) every other Friday, cruise Woodward at 8:30, and folks who are around in the morning, we’re gonna hit Whistle Pig for breakfast.”

        1. Yes, yes you do. And not all of us can just ‘bring the fun one’ even when it’s relatively nice. (And nobody seems to be able to get nitrogen lately. Or tires.)

          Plus everybody has been to Original Pancake House at this point. Not many folks know the awesomeness that is Whistle Stop. (Don’t know why I wrote Whistle Pig. Yesterday was a ‘why am I not day drinking?!’ day I guess.)

  8. Damn Im going to be a few hours too late im doing a saddlesore 1000 ride on Saturday travelling from PA to Auburn Hills and back on Sat

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