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Heeeyyyyyyy: Cold Start

Cs Lloydkid

Sometimes I’ll pick images for Cold Start from these vintage car brochures because the car is interesting, or there’s an interesting if tangential story, or I’ll just use it as a thinly-veiled pretext to talk about one of my own weird-ass agendas or fetishes. Today, though, my choices and motivations are much simpler: look at these bonkers photos! That’s it! These are pictures from a 1959 Lloyd Alexander  brochure and, well, just look at them.

That kid up there! Lounging languidly in the lavish luxury of a Lloyd! Those clothes, the panda, that look, it’s all just, well, so much. Let’s look at another picture from the brochure:

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Cs Lloyddoorlady

Bam! Hey! Look who’s here, fixing you with an icy blue stare! It’s Houndstooth Hattie, the woman who fucking knows how to rock a suicide door.

Oh, Lloyd, you crazy diamond! You know, Lloyds were a bit more technically interesting than you might expect; they were ahead of their time in that the air-cooled inline twin engines they used were mounted transversely and drove the front wheels, like what became wildly popular a solid three to four decades later.


Cs Lloyd Engine

Back in the mid-’50s, these guys were the number three brand in Germany, after Volkswagen and Opel! And they sold these in America, even!

Just ask that kid up there.

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Cheap Bastard
Cheap Bastard
1 year ago

That kid looks like the taxidermied trophy of a Hummel loving serial killer.

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