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Just What The Hell Are They Going To Do With That Stuff?: Cold Start

Cs Saabstuff1

I think we’ve established quite well that I enjoy, perhaps with a mild and unashamed perversity, automotive brochure images that show trunks and cargo areas packed, often tightly and intensely. You’re not here to judge, remember. There’s a lot of creativity in these depictions of well-crammed cars, especially for the automakers that don’t rely on tidy sets of matching luggage. This 1978 Saab 99 brochure is a great example of that; just look at all the crap they have crammed back there! It’s amazing! Well, amazing and maybe a little baffling once you start looking at the stuff, which leads you to wonder just where the hell these people are going, and just what the hell are they planning to do when they get there?

Here’s let’s take a closer look at what’s in the back of that Saab. Computer! ZOOM and ENHANCE!

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Cs Saabstuff2

Okay, let’s try to do some inventorying here. What do we have: a watering can, some hose or perhaps electrical cable in a large coil, a television set, a couple of oars, I think a ladder, something with at least one wheel and a handle – is that a manual, engine-less lawnmower? There’s a tartan bag that could be a wheeled golf bag, but I see no clubs; there’s a plant, some sort of red cylindrical shiny thing, something that I think is a shelf? Then there’s, of course, a huge bird cage, with bird cages being oddly popular for this sort of thing. There’s what I think is an ornate lampshade, and possibly a lamp back there, a large orange-striped duffel-sort of bag, a long, light-wood something that could be furniture or maybe a sled, another light wood thing that could be a shelf or stand? There’s a white something that could be a colossal marshmallow or a life preserver, and a staff with a ring on top whose purpose I can’t even guess at. Blowing bubbles? Winding something up?

So, what’s the common thread here? What would you do with all this stuff? Should I be concerned? Is there a bird in there?

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Dale Mitchell
Dale Mitchell
11 months ago

We are all asking the wrong questions; should be asking:

“What is missing from the menagerie packed into this Saab?”

My vote is for a Klepper kayak

What do you think is omitted?

George Millwood
George Millwood
11 months ago

I loved my SAAB, once fitted three PC’s, File Server et al in the back of the old beast.

11 months ago

With the exception of a bird cage (as far as I can recall) I believe that I’ve had most of that sort of stuff crammed into my car at some point, though (of course) not usually all at once unless I was moving house.

I never had a Saab 99, and I feel sad sometimes because of that.

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