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Let’s Turn This Old Brochure Pic Into A Caption Game: Cold Start

Cs Singer Caption

Let’s try something just a bit different today, because it’s cold and gray out and the year is almost over and maybe sometimes it just feels good to do something together, right? So let’s do that! Let’s look at one of these old brochure pictures and the human figures within it, and imagine, with our pulpy, damp brains, what those people might perhaps be saying, trying to forget that the people shown in this nearly 60-year-old brochure are very likely now dead. So, off we go!

I’ll get us started. Here’s what I imagine is being said:

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

“Hey, baby, be a doll and cover me while I take a leak into this birdbath.”

or perhaps

“This has nothing to do with my fear of ivy. I just prefer to enjoy this party outside, smoking and clutching this birdbath. Now stand between me and the ivy that’s trying to kill me.”

or even

“I bet they’ll let us back in soon. I just think if Danielle didn’t want people immersing their arms in the clam dip up to the elbow, she could have said something instead of being such a bitch about it.”

You know, like that, but better. Would it help if you had a better idea of what a 1964 Singer Vogue was engineered? Here you go:


Cs Singerint

There, I bet that helps!

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1 year ago

– How long will we be standing here? Could you please already drop you cigarettes? It’s third in a row! Is there something you can’t bear inside? And why are you always wearing this black suit?
– Smocking In Vouge.

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