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Louisiana Swamp Things: 1984 Toyota Pickup vs 2000 Ford F150

Sbsd 6 6 2023

Good morning! On today’s Shitbox Showdown, we’re looking at two examples of one of my favorite categories of vehicles: old beat-up pickup trucks. But before we do, let’s settle the score on yesterday’s British cars:

Screen Shot 2023 06 05 At 5.51.01 Pm

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Looks like Sprite beats 7-Up, and also Land Rover. This would be my choice as well. I love the idea of Land Rovers, but the reality scares me off. The little Sprite, however, isn’t fundamentally different from my MGB, so it doesn’t scare me.

Speaking of scary, what is it about the swamps of Louisiana that inspires so many people to tell creepy stories about it? Whether it’s tales of vampires from the Civil War, or songs about monsters coming out of the lake, something about that place just gives people the willies, and they feel compelled to write about it. I get it; my grandparents lived in Louisiana when I was little, and I remember the palmetto bugs, and the Spanish moss hanging from the trees, and not being allowed to play in the yard because of the cottonmouths. To survive such a spooky place, you need a good sturdy truck (how’s that for a segue?). We’ve got two cheap old trucks with a reputation for surviving damn near anything; let’s check them out and see which one is the better deal.

1984 Toyota Pickup – $2,800

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Engine/drivetrain: 2.4 liter overhead cam inline 4, three-speed automatic, RWD

Location: Marrero, LA

Odometer reading: 185,000 miles

Runs/drives? Yep

Here we have quite possibly the least imaginatively named vehicle of all time: the Toyota Pickup. In other parts of the world, this truck is known as the Hilux, but for some reason, Toyota dropped the Hilux name in the US after 1973, and until the Tacoma’s introduction in 1995, Toyota’s small truck was nameless. Nevertheless, this little marvel gained the same reputation for durability and reliability here as everywhere else.


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That reputation rested on the shoulders of Toyota’s R-series engine, a stout unit with a chain-drive overhead cam. This carbureted 2.4 liter variant, 22R in Toyota-speak, only put out 97 horsepower, but it was enough, in its chugging, tractor-like way. This one is going to be even more sluggish than most, with an automatic transmission, but it will keep on going until the end of time. Provided you replace the plastic timing chain guides with proper aluminum ones, that is.

00u0u Jnorxntdu2i 0ci0t2 1200x900

With only 185,000 miles on it, this little Toyota should have plenty of life left in it. The number-one killer of Toyota pickups is rust; this one has some, but it seems to be confined to the bed area. Somewhat worryingly, the ad contains no photos whatsoever of the interior. Old trucks tend to be treated unkindly, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s pretty rough in there.

00404 4gwft7o5xv7 0ci0t2 1200x900


This truck runs and drives like it should, thanks to a new battery, new fuel filter, and some carb adjustments. The front brakes are also new. Apparently it needs a muffler, but otherwise it’s mechanically solid. These little Toyota trucks are going for some silly prices these days, and this one would have been overpriced a few years ago, but now it almost seems reasonable. You just have to put up with a little rust and an automatic.

2000 Ford F150 – $2,200

00k0k Aqxrfppcg4m 0t20t2 1200x900

Engine/drivetrain: 4.2 liter overhead valve V6, four-speed automatic, RWD

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Odometer reading: 154,000 miles


Runs/drives? Sure does

This truck doesn’t really have a name either, I suppose, just a letter: F. The numbers following it typically refer to the truck’s carrying capacity: 150 for half-ton, 250 for light-duty three-quarter ton. Anything larger or heavier-duty had been moved to Ford’s “Super Duty” line by the time this truck was built. This tenth-generation truck is a divisive design, even around these parts, but it carried on the Ford truck tradition of toughness and reliability.

00q0q Fkkdj03kto7 0t20t2 1200x900

This short-bed single-cab F150 is a basic XL model, so it will have a bench seat and rubber floors and crank-up windows and all those other wonderful things that make a truck, you know, a truck. It does have air conditioning and an automatic, so someone checked a few boxes on the order form, but not many. Its front bumper has also been replaced by a big honkin’ steel structure. It looks like the truck was in a minor accident which damaged the right front fender and also took out part of that big bumper. I wonder what the other car looks like?

00b0b Dwozfwtubws 0t20t2 1200x900


Despite the cosmetic shortcomings, the seller says this truck runs and drives beautifully, and is ready to drive anywhere. The front end components are all new and freshly aligned, and it has good tires. The pushrod “Essex” V6 doesn’t have quite the indestructible reputation of its inline six precedessor, but it’s still a solid engine, and it puts out considerably more power than the old 300 six. It’s backed here by Ford’s 4R70W overdrive automatic, an ancient design refined and improved over the years until it got to be pretty damned good. Yeah, I’d rather have a stickshift, too, but it’s what we’ve got to work with today.

00q0q B1f93paqvae 0t20t2 1200x900

Despite being a short bed, this truck is ready to get some work done, with a bedliner and a nice locking toolbox in the bed. It’s rust-free outside except for the big bumper. Again, we don’t get any photos of the cab interior, but we can imagine how it looks. But it’s a truck; if you want a nice fancy interior, look elsewhere.

I know beat-up old trucks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s all right; you’re allowed to be wrong. And we’ll do something different tomorrow. That’s the beauty of this little endeavor – there’s always tomorrow. Today, this is what we’ve got to work with. What’ll it be?


(Image credits: Craigslist sellers)

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9 months ago

I’m not one who dislikes the tenth-gen F-150, and any truck with a regular cab (instead of four doors) is instantly more desirable to me, even if it doesn’t have a long bed. Of course, I like BOTH the Ford and the Toyota (which would literally cost twice as much in SoCal in worse condition… I’ve shopped for them lately). Plus, working AC is a must here, and there’s already a box and bed liner, so I guess I’ll vote Ford, even though my heart says Toyota.

Mr Sarcastic
Mr Sarcastic
11 months ago

That Ford has it all over the Toyota. Better condition, lower price, bigger motor it is no brainer. Yes Toyota Hilux! Saw an episode of top gear where they tried to kill one of these. On top of a 10 story building, they blew up the building the Toyota still ran. Took it to the beach at low tide. Parked it and anchored it. Tide came in buried the the truck. The tide went out. Towed the truck to dry land a little bit of work toyota started right back up. Fans of the show might remember this truck as a piece of the scenery for a few seasons after that. Also they drove one of these to the north pole. Faster than a dog sled. I never saw Jeremy and James work so hard.

11 months ago
Reply to  Mr Sarcastic

The 22R will run until the end of time. Which is handy because it’s gonna take that long to get where you’re going.

Andy Individual
Andy Individual
11 months ago

If I want to cosplay deep south pick-up driver then I think the Toyota wins with the rusted tailgate. What appears to be a bullet hole ahead of the driver’s door seals the deal. Also, visor. Irrational like of visor.

BTW – if you want to clear your head of the spooky thoughts, a good pace to start is listening to Lakes of Pontchartrain.

Last edited 11 months ago by Andy Individual
11 months ago

I’ll take Toyota over Ford any day…especially since it’s a small truck

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