Make Your Local Drift Event Significantly More Absurd With This Ford Mustang-Powered Zimmer Golden Spirit

Zimmer Golden Spirit Topshot

Every so often, a car comes along that perplexes and amuses — a four-wheeled creation that elicits such a physical reaction that people have no choice but to stand mouth-agape in shock over what they have just witnessed. This smoking Zimmer Golden Spirit is one of those cars.

So what the hell are we looking at here? This unusually grotesque creation is a modern example of a neo-classic car. Think Excalibur, late Elvis, Swarovski crystals; a once-wretched, now ironic depiction of opulence. Driving a neo-classic lets the world know that you know that it knows that all that glitters is bullshit. You’re in on the joke and it’s bringing down the house.

Zimmer Golden Spirit 4
Photo credit: Seller

As for this particular neoclassic car, it’s a Zimmer Golden Spirit. While occasionally known for doing some rather interesting things to Pontiac Fieros, Zimmer took some twists and turns, died, was born again, and ended up eventually churning out this fine automobile. Zimmer started with a 2011 Ford Mustang GT, then brought the front axle forward, fitted massive fenders and special bodywork, ultimately churning out this fascinating incarnation of questionable taste. To make matters stranger, the greenhouse and doors remain unchanged, so it really does look like a Mustang with a preposterous nosejob.

However, since it’s a 2011 Mustang GT underneath, it’s still blessed with all sorts of good stuff. A five-liter naturally-aspirated V8 churning out 412 horsepower, a limited-slip differential, and a nice 7,000 rpm redline. Throw in Zimmer’s wheelbase stretch and you end up with a car that looks like it’s made for abducting Dalmatians and should go sideways quite nicely.

Zimmer Golden Spirit 2
Photo credit: Seller

See, cars with longer wheelbases and a front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout typically have a high moment of inertia about the up-down-axis. What this means in the real world is that they’re less eager to yaw, meaning they’re slower to rotate in drift. Slow rotation makes transitioning from drifting clockwise to drifting counterclockwise easier, which means that this Zimmer should be a big, friendly sweetheart to slide around.

Granted, you won’t be able to clutch-kick this creation due to its automatic gearbox, although drifting a Mustang with an early MT-82 manual gearbox is like driving around in a hand grenade with the pin pulled. One good event and then oops, all neutrals. The 6R80 six-speed automatic is really the only thing holding this car back from banging doors with Nissan 350Zs and E46 BMW 330is, although not having a clutch to kick shouldn’t be a huge impediment to drivers who prefer to rely on weight transfer, handbrake initiation, or just power oversteer.

Zimmer Golden Spirit 3
Photo credit: Seller

Should you want this hilarious conversation piece, it’s currently on Bring A Trailer with a high bid of $14,000 and three days left on the auction. I’d expect this one to stay fairly cheap as the customer base is really just the seller, the handful of people who’ve already bid on it, and perhaps you. I’m really hoping that the next owner of this Zimmer Golden Spirit keeps sliding it, for fun is fun to have.

Lead photo credit: Seller

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14 Responses

  1. On one hand, I believe neo-classical car conversions like this should have died when sharp angles on vehicle rooflines stopped being a thing. On the other hand, the photos of this thing shredding tires are some of the most delightfully absurd things I’ve ever seen!

    1. Well now I’m searching Mitsuoka… I’d drive a few of those!

      From the Mitsuoka UK website (I’m guessing auto-translate, but it is still awesome!): “Enjoy the car. It is not enjoying themselves? While fondling engine run. Just rub it to be a happy feeling.” Haiku? Senryu?

    2. Don’t forget about the Foxbody Mustang based ones Mitsuoka built between the run of S13 based Le Seydes and S15 based Le Seydes.

      I will defend to death that Mitsuoka is the best current car company out there. Sure, most of their cars are ugly but they’ve been doing their retro styling thing for ages now and just keep on doing their thing no matter what and I love them for that.

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