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Member Shirts And Stickers Are Starting To Ship!

Ohoat Truck Merch

Hey everyone! Just two quick updates. First, our pal Syd has both shirts and stickers loaded up on Oliver, her Suzuki Carry, and Vinyl members will start getting emails soon with your shipping information. This is our first attempt at this so please let us know if there are any issues. Also, when you get them, please send us pics of you with your sticker and your shirt! We’d love to share the love. As expected, the grille badges took a little more time to print (they’re extremely dope), but we should have them shortly and we’ll start shipping those ASAP to Velour/Corinthian members. If you just signed up for an account in the last couple of days you might be in next week’s shipment, so don’t fret if you don’t get an email in the next day or two.

Joy Two

In other news, the issue we’ve been having with Member’s Only posts seems to be resolved. If you can’t see a Member’s Only post and you’ve got a membership please let us know and we can now fix it fairly quickly. I’ve left this post open so that you can see it and reach out if you’re having an issue. You can test it with this post.

Finally, if you’re not a member, it’s not too late to sign up for a membership.

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42 Responses

  1. Hey, just wanted to leave a comment saying that I got the email with my tracking info today. I’m so excited! Thanks Syd/OHOAT and the Autopian gang!

    1. I fell and it stuck on. It would cause too much damage to removed.

      My other excuse of the car followed me home, can I keep it didn’t work. No reason this one shouldn’t.

  2. Thanks Matt for fixing the commenter name issue.

    Issue for any other members: Commenting name defaulted to my actual name, couldn’t change in Mful.

    Resolution: Email tips@theautopian.com with your preferred user name and Matt will lovingly respond/make changes.

  3. Hooray, it’s finally mothersucking working, congratulations. I can see the members only posts and everything. I guess I can renew my membership now. Keep up the good work guys.

  4. Is there still no chance of a Seedy Blanket level for those of us overseas who want to support the site, but don’t need the merch, can’t attend events and are mostly interested in “The warm feeling in your heart of supporting independent media at a time when a lot of your favorite car sites are going away…”?

  5. I hope the new shirts are of better quality than what I got when you first launched. After three washes the logo was gone and now I just have a black shirt with the faintest outline of an A on it…

    1. I have at least four shirts and one hoodie from OHOAT. No issues with any of them. Hearing Syd was going to be behind the membership merch sold me on staying at the velour level going forward, because I, too, was more than a little concerned about the look of the original Autopian merch.

  6. I don’t know what I will do with the grill badge, but I am super excited to see it. Also, I really enjoy the choice of linked article for people to test their personhood membership status.

      1. Actually it’s a scientific study to figure out if tetanus can be made contagious, disguised as a going away party.
        BTW, if David offers you free parts or cars, say no. It’s actually a trick so that he doesn’t have to haul bags of rust to the dump.

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