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Stellantis Is Just One Badge Swap Away From The Perfect Car For America: COTD


Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram are all members of a family that as of 2021 now includes French brands like Citroën and Peugeot. Stellantis, which still sounds like the name of a pharmaceutical company, opens the door for America to get some really sweet and weird French cars. Yet, despite the French connection, the only way Americans can enjoy French cars is through old ones. Maybe it’s time Stellantis changed that.

As Máté Petrány wrote earlier today in his review of the Citroën C4 X, America has been without an actual French car since 1992. The closest we’ve gotten to French cars since might be the third-generation Smart Fortwo, which ran from 2016 to 2019 in America. Those share most of their mechanical parts with the Renault Twingo III, just with Smart aesthetics and sans two doors. Eh, that’s not really close enough.

Back in 2016, it was reported that Peugeot was planning a return to America. Then in 2021, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares pumped the brakes on that. What would be awesome is that Citroën C4 X. This thing is basically a sedan and a crossover in one and can be had with electric power or propelled by internal combustion.

It sits up high, is just weird enough, and comes with a reasonable price tag. Sure, it’s no high-margin SUV, but this Citroën seems like it would be perfect for revitalizing Stellantis’ somewhat thin lineup in America.

All of us at the Autopian agree with reader Randy Byron’s COTD-winning take:

The Eagle. This needs to become the 2024 Jeep Eagle, and it needs to happen now.

Heck, call it the Chrysler Eagle for all we care; that brand is in desperate need of a new model. Just bring it here, Stellantis! You wouldn’t even be alone in this idea. Toyota is giving us a crossover sedan thing with the Crown, and the Citroën C4 X seems like it would be excellent competition. If crossovers are going to stick around, sedan-izing them Eagle style actually sounds like some good fun.

Honorable mention today goes to Ranwhenparked with what seems like a reference to the Homer:

The perfect car for America should have bubble domes, tailfins, shag carpeting, a separate, soundproof chamber for the back seat, giant size cup holders everywhere, an exhaust so loud you’ll think the world’s ending, and have 3 separate horn buttons that all play La Cucaracha.

Have a great night everyone!

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15 Responses

  1. Wait, weren’t we blaming every manufacturer giving us a ‘coupe’ SUV a hard time a few years back because you had all the aero and weight penalty of an SUV without its practicality nor the style of a sedan?

  2. The Concord version of the top picture was one of my first cars. My uncle worked for AMC and had it as a company car. My parents bought it when he got a new car, then passed down to me when my ’76 Volvo 242 died. The Eagle version would have definitely been safer in the snow but once you got the hang of just sort of floating over the surface it was a lot of fun. Great for doing donuts.

  3. As a long time Eagle owner, I’m actually on board for this. But Stellantis should also make a SRT/SX4/Peugeot-Sport version for the US/Europe with the manual 6-speed and a more powerful version of their EB2ADTX 3-cylinder turbo or cram a 4 cylinder turbo in there.

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