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Texas Officially Has The Best License Plate In The World

Blank White License Plate On Red Car Bumper Revised

Wouldn’t it be nice if your license plate wasn’t just totally free, but you were essentially paid to run it? Well, thanks to some creative marketing by Austin, T.X.-based burger chain Mighty Fine Burgers, that’s been a reality for years. Everyone, say hello to the best license plate in the known universe.

Even for people who aren’t necessarily car enthusiasts, novelty license plates are fun. Sure, the personalized license plate has been enjoying a certain popularity for years, but over the past few decades we’ve also seen the gradual rise of graphic plates that deviate from standard government-issued designs in the name of style. From Victoria’s Holden Special Vehicles-themed plates to British Columbia’s incredibly pretty Purcell Mountains BC Parks plates, truly whimsical options exist around the globe, although none are quite as good a deal as Texas’ Mighty Fine Burgers license plates.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Yep, it’s a license plate with a cheeseburger on it, which feels about as gloriously American as a John Force podium interview, Copperhead Road, and original formula Four Loko. I love a good cheeseburger and you probably do too, unless you’re vegetarian or vegan or pescatarian or Hindu, in which case that’s also cool. For those who do eat beef though, the cheeseburger is the standard of fast food for a reason. It’s hard to screw up, but also hard to perfect.

Auto.mightyfineburgers (1)

Anyway, graphic license plates in Texas work on an application system, which means that everyone from charities to corporations can apply to have their branding on a license plate, which is how Texas also ends up with Remax, YMCA, and Ducks Unlimited license plates. Just like Remax, Mighty Fine Burgers is a corporation, although one known for peddling dinner rather than homes.  However, these food-themed license plates come with one hell of a deal-sweetener. In the words of Mighty Fine Burgers:


Sign up for our Mighty Fine License Plate on MyPlates.com and get a $150 Burger Bucks card redeemable at any location. You can renew your plate each year and get another $150 Burger bucks card every time you do. You’re paying to renew your plate anyway; why not look good and get some free burgers out of it?

Wait a second. This license plate with a standard-issue number costs $50 a year to renew. If you get a $150 gift card every time you renew, that’s a free license plate and like $100 in free burgers, milkshakes, chicken sandwiches, what have you. Who the hell wouldn’t take this deal? Granted, Mighty Fine is an Austin-based chain, so only Austinites can take full advantage, but still. That’s nearly a million people who can partake of free burgers on the regular.
Mighty Fine Burger License Plate

Yes, European license plates may have a neater form factor, and the cloud-shaped Matsuyama motorcycle license plate is gloriously bonkers, but a license plate that grants you free burgers is an absolute mic drop. Now, please excuse me for a second. I’m going to pine for a local license plate that pays me in food to run it.

(Photo credits: My Plates, Mighty Fine Burgers)

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Stef Schrader
Stef Schrader
3 months ago

Cons: You have to live in Texas.

Source: I live in Texas.

Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell
3 months ago

I think the natural capitalist succession of this will be for hundreds of companies to all be offering increasingly generous compensation for using their plates. For once I’m ok with that. However, with the country being what it is I’m sure they’ll pass a law to prevent it.

Sampson Jackson
Sampson Jackson
3 months ago

This site has been a horrible influence. I bought a sub. I bought a Motocompacto. I bought a Burger Plate. My wife is SO proud!

Watch for a blue(ish) 96 STEPWGN with a stupid Burger Plate around Austin 🙂


3 months ago

Parrotheads of Texas rejoice!

I’m also shocked Doug Ford’s Ontario hasn’t issued Tim Hortons plates, as their unofficial advertising wing.

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