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The Autopian Podcast Is Now On Apple Podcasts; Listen To Two New Episodes!

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We published the first The Autopian Podcast episodes last week, but we assume the nice folks at Apple were so enamored with our wit and insight that they were a little slow to post our episodes there (or, possibly, they have a very clearly stated policy of reviewing new podcasts and actually finished ahead of their provided estimates). No longer must you wait to enjoy David, Jason, Beau and guests on your Apple //e because the episodes are now on Apple Podcasts. Listen. Subscribe. Enjoy

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You can also find the original episode on YouTube, with more to follow. Here are the links to the Apple Podcast version below:

We’ve got more listening options than Porsche’s got ways to take your money, so there are also episodes on SpotifyGoogle Podcasts, or you can use the RSS feed and point your favorite Podcast player at it.


Two new episodes should be coming to Apple Podcasts shortly, but in the meantime they’re already on Spotify and other places. Check it out:

The first new episode involves discussion about whale penis leather, crotch vents, and swamp coolers, while the second episode is a great discussion with Mercedes Streeter, Illinois-based owner of far too many vehicles (including a bus, many motorcycles, lots of Smart Cars and Piech-era VWs, and who the hell knows what else).


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