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The New Lego Car Models Are Extremely Good

Lego Gold Topshot

If you’re a kid who can’t wait for their license or an adult who bleeds Octan, the announcement of a new Lego car set is a big deal. Even if you don’t buy everything, it’s just fun to look at and imagine (and then buy). The Danish brickmaker has gone hard into the car market this year with what looks like the best spread of new car models I can ever remember seeing.

Now that I have a kid who is old enough to join bricks together and read the instructions, the temptation is growing to buy every new Lego set. Here’s everything I’ve seen announced recently.

Technic 2022 Ford GT

Ford Gt Lego Technic

The headlights alone seem worth the $119.99 price of admission. With 1,466 pieces, this Technic model includes a moving V6, independent suspension, front-axle steering, and even a working diff. At 1:12 scale, the model is 15 inches long, so it’s definitely something to put on its own special shelf. We’re obviously big Ford GT fans around here, so this one had to go up top. It will be available in March.

Technic Bugatti Bolide

Legoboglid We’re in pure dreamland now, which is exactly where to be when talking about Lego. Bugatti just announced they’ve teamed up with the company to create a Technic version of the company’s limited-run, track-only hypercar. This one’s a little smaller than the Ford GT at 12 inches long and 905 pieces in total, but it’s also only $49.99 and for sale now.

Technic Next Gen NASCAR Camaro

Nascar Lego

Another Technic, the Camaro ZL1 next-gen NASCAR stock car is 672 pieces and 11 inches long. It’s also as ‘Murican as they come. The trick to this is to pretend like you’re at Le Mans with this one. The Camaro will cost $49.99 when it goes on sale in March.

Speed Champions F&F 2 R34 Nissan GT-R

R34 Lego

There isn’t a ton of love for “2 Fast, 2 Furious” as it’s a weird side excursion in the Fast & Furious franchise that leaves behind most of the crew. I find the film enjoyable and you get Ludacris and Tyrese, so what else do you want? Obviously, you want a brick version of the R34 Nissan GT-R that Brian drove. It’s even RHD! this is a smaller kit with 319 pieces that only costs $24.99, but is currently sold out at Lego.com. Do the Eclipse next!

Speed Champions Ferrari 812 Competizione

Speed Champs Lego 812For the tifosi who feel left out, you can enjoy this 261-piece Ferrari 812 Competizione for $24.99 when it goes on sale in March. If you don’t want to fork over the $25, it looks rather similar to the Toyota GR Supra and you can just draw on the stickers.

Speed Champions McLaren Solus & McLaren F1 LM

Mclaren SolisIf you’re interested in a 2-for-1 kinda deal, McLaren and Lego teamed up to make a two-car kit that includes a version of the McLaren Solus track car and the glorious original McLaren F1 LM. It’s 581 pieces and $34.99, with a release date of early March. The best part? Those beautiful McLaren F1 five-spoke wheels and taillights. This thing rules.

Speed Champions Porsche 963 Le Mans Hypercar

Porsche963It’ll surprise absolutely no one around here that I’m excited about this year’s Le Mans 24 and I’m looking forward to Porsche returning to the top class with the 963. The Lego version is 280 bricks and, like the other single car sets, $24.99 with an early March release date. You even get a little driver who I assume is Dane Cameron.

Speed Champions Pagani Utopia

Lego PaganiYou’re probably getting tired of me saying $24.99 and coming in March, but this is also true for the Pagani Utopia. This is the strangest car from the recent announcements and also has one of the most unique pieces. Just look at that canopy! While it works quite well here as the cockpit cover for the Lego Pagani, I actually think you’d get a lot of mileage out of it in a submarine or futuristic spacecraft.

These are all awesome sets. Has anyone purchased any of these yet? Any plans to do so?


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31 Responses

  1. We have the Defender and my son is doing the 911 right now. Both very fun. We messed up something in the Defender and are missing a forward gear- will probably have to disassemble it most of the way to fix it!

  2. I already have probably too many Lego cars in my house: Ferrari SP3 Daytona, 488GTE, F40, Porsche 911 RSR, 911 Turbo, Caterham, Dom’s Charger, Defender 90, McLaren 2022 F1 car, BMW M100RR, Ducati Panigale V4, then a whole mess of speed champs. For me, these speed champs are all on the wish list, but the GT and Bugatti are just, off. The NASCAR Camaro is way off, like maybe a different color scheme would have worked better, but it just looks like a generic race car, not even a generic NASCAR, idk.
    I still need the ’69 Z/28 though.

    1. I have the Defender (obviously……and I didn’t get it for nothing even though I helped with the development), the Fiat 500, RC Buggy, 66 and Battinson Batmobiles, the 8 wide BTTF Delorean (which is terrible), a fifties cruiser that was a Lego gift, Countach, Ferrari 512, Audi Quattro, Corvette C3, 911 Turbo and ’70 Challenger, the John Deere tractor Technic and Tron: Legacy lightcycles. Plus I have the Speed Champions DB5 and a City crane to build. I also have the Apollo Lunar Lander and the VW splitty (which is in Mother Dearest’s loft).

      So yeah I have to be really picky what I buy now as I’m pretty much out of space, luckily none of these 2023 Speed Champions are really doing it for me (but the 963 and Skyline are close).

    1. Just finished the Sian build yesterday and felt the same. Box looked like the hood, then open the top and each of the 6 boxes inside are made to look like they make up the rear louvered “window.” I appreciate the designers taking time to think of such things.

  3. I’ve always wanted to see a Lego Miniland after seeing videos of the original one in Denmark as a kid. When Legoland California opened here in San Diego I was stoked to visit it, but I don’t have kids myself so the $90 ticket price for a park mostly geared towards younger kids was a tough pill to swallow.

    In what may be the only positive thing to happen to me during the pandemic, Legoland California closed however the gift shop was open and with a $20 purchase you were allowed to enter the Lego Miniland. So I bought a rad Technic Jeep Wrangler (which now sits on my work desk) and my wife and got to see Miniland for less than half the price of a normal entry ticket. Win!

  4. I received the Technics Ford Raptor for Christmas from my brother, I can’t wait to assemble it. Probably the only Raptor I can afford anyway.

  5. I bought myself the Lego Audi Quattro rally car, and it is beautiful. I should have taken it to work because my daughter got to it and now it’s turned into some kind of house / jungle habitat / cat rescue.

  6. We’ve done a number of Lego vehicles as family projects during covid. We started with the Mini Cooper, then the VW Beetle (complete with surfboard & cooler on the roof), and then the Routemaster double decker bus. I love the level of detail on these kits. The bus has a single round pink piece that the directions tell you to put under one of the bench seats. What bus would be complete without gum under the seat?

  7. The technic stuff is really cool but a bit too expensive for me. I do have a few of the bigger “regular Lego” cars though. I have the F40, Caterham, Mini, and the Mustang and all of them were a ton of fun to build. The only thing stopping me from getting the 911 is that I don’t really have space for it.

    The little speed champions stuff is cool, especially since they made them slightly bigger. I got the Countach for Christmas and it’s a fun little half hour build that looks great once its done. I might pick up that McLaren set eventually. I’m not too interested in the Solus but the F1 looks fantastic and will look great next to my Countach.

    1. I spent Christmas Day building the Lotus Evija Lego kit with a friend’s kid. My job was finding the right parts for him while he threw it together.

      He’s nine, so within 5 minutes of completion it had a major crash and needed a front end rebuild.

      I got the exact same kit as a present, but mine has the stickers on neatly and has still only got delivery miles on it.

      I want them to do an S1 Elise kit, and an Esprit.

  8. I love the technic kits, but just can’t justify lots that are £100 plus, that I’ll build once then store them.

    I picked up the F&F charger for £40 on marketplace, built it, sold it on and bought the Porsche 911RSR secondhand. Im yet to build it, although my daughter has.

    We do have the splitty camper, my wife is a VW camper nit so that one is allowed out on display. Hoping they do a Vanagon eventually, having released the bay one last year.

  9. Putting together the Ferrari Daytona was one of my highlights of 2022 (a year that severely lacked in other good things to talk about as far as I’m concerned). The fact that the paddle shifters work got a kick out of me.

    Anyone know if there’s any other large-scale automobiles coming to the lineup? I kinda want to build a couple other large Lego sets and then stop until I hit the jackpot and can build a larger house ????.

  10. Checked Lego’s website and there is no rusty holy grail jeeps, no yugos or weird French cars coming in March for $25. 0/10, completely unrealistic standard of cars.

  11. I have an embarrassing number of Lego cars, most recent purchase is the skyline mentioned above but it’s not been shipped yet. My favorites are the VW vans and the caterham though!

  12. Dear Lego, bring back the Technic Unimog with the working crane. Also an Audi Quattro Sport with a Michelle Mouton minifig driver and a terrified co-driver

  13. I recently got back into Lego, mainly with the Speed Champions series. I was never impressed with the old 6-stud wide Speed Champions series, but the new 8-stud ones can get some decent detail. I think my favourite I’ve bought so far might be the Corvette C8.R.

  14. My significant other happens to be the Coordinator for our local Toys for Tots campaign. We were lucky enough to have received a semi load of Legos for children this year. Lego sets sure have progressed!!!! We had to withhold some sets due to age requirements ( kinda like giving a an engine to rebuild to a 6 year old) and those sets were extreme! They were controlled through a phone app, moved on their own and everything! Some sets like a D11 CAT dozer we’re 9000 pieces! Luckily we only had a few that couldn’t go out and we were able to provide something like close to 5000 children this year with awesome gifts including huge Lego sets, bicycles and more!

  15. Our family never had Lego sets when I was a kid (Tinkertoys and Lincoln Logs, yes), so the Countach and the 3-in-one Creator kit my fiancé got me for Christmas are my first-ever sets. I’m building the Countach now and it’s really fun! I appreciate how clever the design is, especially around the taillights and side air intakes.

  16. As a lifelong Lego fan, I feel like the Speed Champions line is the one thing they’re really doing right at the moment, but it is really darn good. The technic cars have been incredibly similar in terms of functionality for years, and they’ve been making so many of them recently that it’s getting tiring, they’re causing the whole technic line to stagnate as a result. At least Speed Champions is good…

  17. My wife got me the McLaren F1 car and Lamborghini Sian for Xmas this year. Both cool builds. The Sian was ~650 page build over 2 books with 1084 steps (9-10 hour build)! Got it built and the wheels wouldn’t spin. Realized I installed the rear differential ring gear on the wrong side at step 17! Spent 2 hours tearing it apart and rebuilding. >4200 piece beast.

    Larger Bond Aston Martin is one of my favorites, but the classic Icons Porsche 911 is close.

  18. I bought the ’69 Z/28 set a few months ago and have it on display at work (Chevy dealership parts department). I get tons of compliments on it; everyone thinks it’s really cool, and I couldn’t agree more. Little bastard took like 6 hours to build, but damn was it fun lol. I really appreciate that Lego makes these adult themed sets that are bit more complicated

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