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This Is What AI Thinks A Moose-Powered Car Would Look Like: Cold Start

Cs Moosecar

My friend Rob set up an instance of one of those AI image generators on a server, and I was playing with it, because these are fascinating, strange things. I asked it to create an image of a “moose powered car” and the result is what you see there. It appears to be less moose powered and more of a car made with moose parts and some generalized moose-like specifications. It’s a strangely good mashup of moose and car, I think.

There’s definitely some moose-fur-like surfacing, and perhaps some moose shapes in that nose, too. Maybe moosey proportions, also, tall and narrow. The huge, exposed front wheels are interesting, as are the hooded lights.

These black box AI systems are weird, no question, and I don’t think whatever is going on inside them is even remotely related to what we understand as intelligence, but in this case, I think a pretty effected moose/car hybrid has been achieved.

Good work, AI. I think.

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25 Responses

  1. I think that should be quite moose repellent.
    I live in a world where driving a car or truck you are told to hit the deer, but avoid the moose.
    With this the moose would avoid you!

  2. I don’t know how these AI image generators work. But I assume that this is a randomly created one-off photo that was generated, right?

    Meaning that if Jason went back the next day and typed in the same “moose powered car” it could create an even worse looking mash-up photograph and not just the same scary nightmare thing, right?

  3. Where are the antlers?
    If I think of a moose my human brain sees antlers as one of the most prominent features. AI missed them completely. I am not worried about “SKYNET” taking over any time soon.
    AI is still in its infancy. We haven’t even figured out how to make the steel mechanical coils of a simple vending machine reliably deliver the snacks I just bought.
    Moose have antlers. AI doesn’t know that. It’s kind of a sad picture if you ask me.

      1. Even male moose don’t have them all the time. They grow them for mating season and shed them afterward, same as deer. Also, sexually immature moose of both sexes lack antlers. Generally speaking, if you pick any random moose at any random moment, it’s probably gonna be antler-less.

  4. I am instantly (infinitely) skeptical of any AI that can’t recognize a symbol of nature that predominant.
    I know what a moose looks like up close. I know what a car is.
    That AI interpretation is simplistic at best, depressing at worst.

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