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Watch President Joe Biden’s Face When He Starts Up A New Corvette


The most exciting thing to happen at the Detroit Auto Show today is President Joe Biden’s visit, which is currently still going on. And the most exciting thing to happen to the President is getting a private tour of the show floor from GM CEO Mary Barra, who then invited him to give the 5.5-liter flat-plane V8 on the new C8 Chevy Corvette Z06 a little gas.

Our good friend Tim Burke caught the whole thing one on of the Detroit Auto Show livestreams and it’s hilarious. Joe Biden, of course, is a well known Corvette enthusiast and was disappointed when he found out the Secret Service wasn’t going to let him drive his personal 1967 Corvette.

Upon arriving on the show floor he’s immediately implored to rev up the C8 and gladly complies.

“I tell you what, tell the head of my Secret Service detail I’m driving home,” Biden jokes. He then takes a moment to marvel at the car and says “That’s something else.”

Later on in the tour around the show President Biden paid a visit to Ford and bragged to Bill Ford, Jr. that his Corvette could go “0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds,” [Editor’s Note: We have yet to confirm this claim. – JT] though he admitted it wasn’t as fast as the Mustang Mach E he was looking at, which in GT form can hit the speed in 3.5 seconds.

“Does it have a launch button?” Biden wondered.

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49 Responses

  1. This car would be better in every way regarding performance if it was built to 3/4 scale, lost about 1,500 lbs, went to a manual transmission, reduced drag by about 1/3 by getting rid of unnecessary adornments with a redesign of the body, and kept the same engine in a midship position.

    That engine sure sounds awesome though.

      1. Through the magic of mass production and eliminating all unnecessary profit-adding/weight-adding features, it logically follows such a thing could be sold at a sub-ZO6 price tag, perhaps closer to a Miata than a ZO6.

      1. GM wouldn’t dare do it. They killed the Fiero Turbo more than 30 years ago because it would have sold for less than the Corvette of the time while outperforming it in nearly every metric with the bonus of being mid-engined.

        But damn would it be awesome. The auto industry does not build the best possible product for our money. They build products to extract as much of our money as possible, which are designed to be obsolete the moment they leave the dealership lot. And these days, they’re also built to be unrepairable. This is deliberate. And it sucks.

        I wish I had the money to get a team together and upturn some apple carts.

        1. One out of every five Fieros caught fire, so adding a turbo would likely not have gone well.
          The fiero was cool but a crudely designed car. With the MR layout and such a short wheelbase, a high horsepower version might have been a bit scary.

  2. Hi Paula,

    My name is outofstep. I am a retired sex model. I once liked being photographed in the nude but then I found the Autopian religion. I no longer wished to be photographed in the nude. Instead I began having a fetish for rust and taillights. Now that you’re here I hope you see the light as well and end your sinner ways.

    1. lol, he made a big to do about EV in a buy American EV speech, but this is proof positive that secretly he doesn’t even really tow the party line when he thinks it is private. He should probably buy the hybrid version when it comes out to show EV solidarity while still actually enjoying the drive.

  3. *sigh*
    EVs might be the inevitable direction we’re headed (like it or no), but when the V8 is dead and gone, they WILL be missed. Even our POTUS can’t overlook the joy of an awesome naturally-aspirated engine.

      1. If my two choices for President are two incontinent old men, I want the one that actually gives a shit about the US, and not just how he can loot it for his own gain.

        Just to make it clear: Not a con man like Trump.

        People always say they want a businessman to run the country. Unfortunately, there was an i added to that. Hopefully, we got that out of our system.

      1. Politics is a major part of everyone’s lives. It can’t reasonably banned. You can reasonably keep scrolling and not interact with comments you don’t want to engage with. Case in point: you didn’t reply to every single comment you read or even thought twice about them. However, you chose to engage with this comment and it is now part of your day.

        1. I love it when people go “nO PoLiTiCs pLeAsE”, not realising how much of a political statement that is in itself. No politics = don’t badmouth my guy/ don’t praise the other guy. Always.

    1. More importantly, it probably has multiple anti-launch modes.

      Remember, chaff cannons are just really powerful confetti launchers to the casual observer.

  4. “The most exciting thing to happen at the Detroit Auto Show today is President Joe Biden’s visit”

    Is there even 1 new car being announced there?

  5. So much to unpack in that video.
    Requiem for the V8.
    We can know things are bad for us but still love them.
    The simple pleasures that politicians give up for office.
    Quite the coup for Mary Barra.
    The Detroit Auto Show lives!
    I like orange cars.
    Can we get some younger candidates?

  6. If you don’t have that reaction to a C8, you’re probably not human.

    Or, at least not easily recognizable as a human. Its been 3 years, and I’m still in shock that GM actually built that car

  7. That poor bastard will never be allowed to drive himself again. thats not gonna be a long period of time now but watching things with him in cars in the past hes just an old white guy that loves his corvettes and wouldve been cars and coffeeing with the rest of the old timers. now unless its a private track all he can do is sit in them and play with the controls like a little kid.

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