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Watch Some Seattle Residents Fail At Driving On Ice From The Comfort Of Your Home

Nailed It

While a large winter storm ravages most of the country, a smaller system has visited the Pacific Northwest and the Washington Department of Transportation would like you to stay home until it passes. What a great idea! Unless you’re a Finnish rally champion with proper tires, driving your crossover on an icy hill isn’t going to go great.

My favorite kind of performance driving is driving on the snow. Here’s some video of me doing that with some folks at Consumer Reports:

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

All of these cars had snow tires (well, Raph’s bug had some kind of all-terrain truck tire) and we were in a fairly controlled environment. Here’s what it looks like when you’re not in a controlled environment:



The Mazda CX-7 driver almost pulls it off and gets a nice bit of countersteer there at the end. Unfortunately, right before the sweet drift they collided with a poor Toyota.

If you’re in the right environment with the right vehicle OR you’re being a dummy in a beater car in a place where you can’t hurt anyone then go nuts. If you’re in Seattle and you’ve got well-worn all seasons then maybe stay home and read this website? Below are some highlights from Seattle drivers last year:

UPDATE: Here are some more Seattle videos:






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