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We’re Driving A 1966 Ford Mustang And A New Jeep Wagoneer (Towing A Golden Eagle) From Detroit To LA Next Week. Come Hang Out!

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My move from Detroit to LA begins on Monday, when Jason Torchinsky hops into a luxurious 2022 Jeep Wagoneer to tow my 1979 Jeep Cherokee Golden Eagle, while I freeze my butt off in a 1966 Ford Mustang whose heater works about as well as the breath from a small cat. Needless to say: I’m excited! Here’s a look at the route we’re taking; we plan to host meetups at some major cities in Indiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada, and then eventually in LA. Come say hi!

I’ll be honest and say that my move is an absolute disaster. Nearly a decade in Michigan, a single man with too much space, an obsession with large machines — it all adds up to shit, a whole lot of shit. And I’ve got to get rid of it, pronto.

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But packing is really the least of my concerns at this point; I’ve got to run this publication, write the finale for Project Cactus (and help edit the video!), plan the logistics of this move, and then I’ve got to deal with the fact that my tools are buried in a sheet of ice in my garage thanks to a pipe-burst the other day:

On top of that, the city is up my Arse again:


Screen Shot 2022 12 22 At 1.51.56 Pm

As for Christmas-y things? You can forget about those. I’ll call my family in Germany on Christmas eve, down the box of chocolates my wonderful business partner Beau sent me, and keep plugging away at that Project Cactus Finale until it’s published on the J-man’s birthday. Then I’ll pack all night so that on the 26th, the day Jason Torchinsky and his awesome son Otto show up, we can disembark.

By the way, here’s our route:

Screen Shot 2022 12 22 At 1.55.46 Pm

We’re headed south to avoid snowy mountain passes, since my brother’s 1966 Ford Mustang has Douglas tires that are horrible on anything that isn’t dry, and the Wagoneer that Jeep graciously lent us is on all-terrains, though perhaps more importantly, it’ll be towing this thing:


Screen Shot 2022 12 22 At 2.32.58 Pm

I’ve rented a U-Haul trailer for $400; that plus the Golden Eagle should weigh about 7,000 pounds, so I’m excited to see how that boosted straight-six in that Wagoneer handles it.

Screen Shot 2022 12 22 At 2.32.40 Pm

I’m less excited about driving the Mustang in 15F temperatures and salt-covered roads. The good thing is that I recently had it undercoated out of an abundance of caution:


I’m now going to drain the 15W-40 goop in the crankcase for some 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Shell Rotella, and then hope the play in that passenger’s side control arm bushing doesn’t get out of hand. Else, I may need to borrow one of y’all’s garages.

Anyway, follow our Twitter page to stay up to date on our trip, as well as on meetups we have along the way; expect those to be held in classy locations like Walmart parking lots.


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Hondaimpbmw 12
Hondaimpbmw 12
1 year ago

This is too late for your, but… a lifetime ago, Mrs. Hondaimpbmw12 & I drove her 1966 Mustang 6 automatic from the SF Bay Area to Omaha in November or December. I remember going through Salt Lake City and surrounding area on hard pack snow, freezing our feet. Whe had been so cold across Nevada, that I had obtained a sheet of cardboard and covered all but the top 2” of the dinky radiator in an effort to pep up the heat. The temp gauge never budged from the middle of the dial, but still cold. When we got to Omaha, the FLD offered to install a new heater core ($69 plus labor. I went to a friends house where he had garage w/ a laundry sink. I removed the heater core and rinsed/flushed it out until water circulated freely. The OEM core looked like a little radiator w/ multiple tubes and fins and end tanks. The proffered replacement was a u-shaped tube w/ fins. I’m guessing mine wasn’t the first clogg up. The return trip was a lot more comfortable.

Pat Douglas Barron
Pat Douglas Barron
1 year ago

I wonder how many emails Inspector David Koss received from irate Autopians, in support of David Tracy? 🙂

1 year ago

David, As one David to another, I can offer garage space and hospitality if needed in Independence, KANSAS (not Missouri). All hand tools available and a large stock of Coors beer in the fridge. Bed too if needed. My German wife can cook up some great food from the home country. Koenigsburger Klopse mit Salz Kartoffel anyone?

1 year ago

I don’t live there now, but I’m from Albuquerque. My hometown is famous for stealing the contents of people’s U-Hauls, or the entire U-Haul, from hotel parking lots. It’s a great town, but keep an eye on your stuff!

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