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What It’s Like Unboxing A 1-of-1 ‘Beauberry’ Ford GT

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The internet is full of these ASMR unboxing videos where millions of people watch someone unwrap a new iPad. I love the sounds — the zip of the plastic and the crunch of packaging as it crinkles. It’s so satisfying! Galpin’s new “Beauberry” Ford GT just showed up and someone suggested we make a car ASMR video like we used to do for “Car Kings,” and I loved the idea. So please enjoy this video of me unwrapping a car.

The first question you’re going to have is: Where did this color come from? As you might have guessed, this is not a stock paint option. It was actually inspired by these little silk dresses my wife bought for my daughters when they were two and three years old. They were sort of a Chinese-inspired design with butterflies and one of them was this amazing fuchsia color.

I’d initially intended to use this color on a SEMA project but it didn’t quite work out. I was at Pebble Beach in 2017 and saw Michael Fux and his stunning “Fux Fuchsia” McLaren 720s and immediately regretted not painting a car that color. Michael then did a similar treatment to a Rolls-Royce and I showed that to my dad, Bert, and we decided we should paint a Ford GT in a similar color.

We have a great paint setup at Galpin Auto Sports and we experimented until we got what I felt was the right hue. That sample was sent off to Multimatic in Canada (the company that builds the car) to see what their staff could do. When they sent a color sample back it had the label “Beauberry” and it looked absolutely perfect. Would I name a color after myself? Absolutely not. Would I make them change it? Well, clearly I didn’t…


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That was about a year ago, or more, and we’ve been waiting this entire time. When it showed up it was even better than I expected. A friend knew what I was doing and was convinced it was going to look terrible, but when he saw the car he had to admit he was wrong. [Editor’s Note: The car, in person, is genuinely stunning. -DT].

I’m absolutely in love with the car. It’s hit me in a way that no other modern car has hit me and it’s my all-time favorite color on an automobile. In the sun it really bounces from hot pink to fuchsia with this really deep, rich color spectrum. It’s hard to capture it in pictures. It’s even harder to even see when you’re inside. But stand outside of it and you’ll be amazed.

Unboxing this car was way more fun and satisfying than it should have been. Just absolutely goofy. I even screwed it up when I tried to pull a tag and it broke off in my hand, but we kept it in there because that moment (and screwing up in general) is just perfectly Autopian.

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25 Responses

  1. I think the best spot in the video for being able to grasp the color is in the top-down shot where you’re pulling the door closed. You can really see the color hues shift as the angles move relative to the camera’s view.

  2. My favorite part is the (I think) passenger side airbag notice tag that rips off.

    B/c if it is what that is, I’m sure it’s the same tag you’d find on your new Maverick, Bronco, or whathaveyou from Ford.

    One of the best parts about the GT for me is how at its roots, it’s no bespoke luxury good…I may be wrong, but I’m betting one can find & pick up the right oil filter at a retail establishment easily enough. This street-legal racecar comes from a company that builds millions of everyday cars that you can see around the world, doing everyday things.

    That Ford is capable of producing something so beautiful and amazing like the GT but also at the same time my humble (but fun) Focus always makes me happy.

    1. It would be nice if Ford would try to produce an affordable version of this car instead of a low-volume “exclusive” for rich people. Companies ALWAYS use price discrimination in their cars. Not only is there a geometric relationship between horsepower and MSRP if you were to plot every make and model of car on a graph, if you want supercar looks, they make you pay supercar prices, even though there’s nothing inherently more expensive about making a car with that sort of styling. Imagine if this came with a turbo 4-cylinder variant that used conventional build materials and it had Miata-like production volume and a resultant Miata-like price tag. It would be pure sex on wheels and people of ordinary financial means could aspire to it.

    2. In my opinion, the only brands I can think of that can go from passenger vehicles to real pickup trucks to sports cars and exotic are: Ford, Chevy, and Tesla (and to some degree Mercedes). You can probably guess which one of those is my preference.

      1. If you really stretched the definition you could include Jaguar-Land Rover in that list. Land Rover still make commercial vehicles (although I suspect they’ve now mostly priced themselves out of that market).
        Toyota have just announced a supercar, which is about the only type of vehicle that they don’t already make, and Honda also make pretty much everything.

      2. Tesla?? Exotic?? They are boring tic tacs that all look to the same, I guess you could argue exotics are often built like crap so maybe that is what you are referring to.

  3. Missed this one yesterday. I love flashy colors on flashy cars, and I love paint that really comes to life in the sun like Mazda’s Soul Red. I bet it’s absolutely stunning outside!

  4. Great video, short and sweet! You can really tell the depth of color from the two photos in the article. The inside vs outside color shifts so dramatically it barely looks like the same car.

  5. That is a beautiful color. Will the interior receive any special treatment, or are you going to keep the color to the outside? A splash of color inside could be delightful.

    1. Thank you! I’ve definitely thought about it. My first upgrade was the wheels, which we put on the for the LA Auto Show. I think I’m going to drive it around and see how I feel before I make any more changes.

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