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What The Hell Is Going On Here: Cold Start

Cs Polski1

Hey pals! Ready to start your day with a nice big steaming cup of whatthefuck? Sure you are! We all are! So, with that in mind, I invite you to take a nice big swig of whatever the hell is going on with that 1980 Polski Fiat brochure cover up there. Is this a still from a scene in a musical? Are Piotr, Wojciech, and Borys over there about to burst into some song where they take turns trying to convince Katarzyna there that she should go out with them? But, really, Katarzyna only loves her red Polski Fiat 125p, and they should just deal with that? Is that what’s happening here?

Maybe things make more sense inside the brochure:

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Cs Polski Wagon

Ha ha ha, nope! They sure don’t!

What’s happening here? Dude parks in a dirt field surrounded by scrubby forest and tells the pair of substantially packed, middle-aged, besweatered women “we’re here!” Were they expecting a hotel, or perhaps, you know, any sort of building whatsoever? Maybe, but tough shit, right? You ladies get dropped off with all your suitcases here on this dirt clearing, and you can figure out your vacation from there. Have fun!


And what’s with the black pen lines that are outlining and emphasizing the window frames and door cutlines and the rubber weatherstripping around the rear hatch and the taillights? That’s weird, right? Someone has clearly outlined those windows. Is that what they think sells cars? Really noticeable window frames and rubber weatherstripping? Okay.

Cs Polskifiattrunk

At least these Polski Fiat people know how to pack a trunk, though. Hot damn that is a well-packed trunk! There’s no wasted space anywhere! Mmm-mmm-MMMMM!


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11 months ago

it looks as if she’s about to embark on an ill-advised 1-on-3 fast break, the only question is whether it takes place in the Polski or atop of it

The Dude
The Dude
11 months ago

High purity of exhaust gases. I have that too if stuffed full of Polish sausages.

11 months ago

Crash Test Dummies?
Once…there was this girl who…

Rusty S Trusty
Rusty S Trusty
11 months ago

“Hi, I’m Larry. This is my brother Darrell. This is my other brother Darrell.”

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