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When Your Little Car Rescue Operation Makes Momma Proud: COTD

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A life working with cars is an interesting one. Some of the other writers I’ve talked to tell me their families don’t quite understand their work. My own family doesn’t seem to comprehend how I could get paid to buy and drive some $3,000 car from Facebook. They do get how my brother makes money as a technician at a Subaru dealer, but still think a desk job would be a bit more legitimate. This is a long way of saying that it always warms our hearts when parental figures are proud of us.

Stephen Walter Gossin has filled a hole in content that our readers crave. David has to run a business now and no longer lives in a place where his backyard can be used as a proving ground. My condo association isn’t fond of me hacking Volkswagens back together in the parking lot. That leaves Jason with his chainsaw and Stephen with his undeniable charm and heart so big he’ll take on projects nobody else will. Gossin Motors is truly a magical place!

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Today’s COTD winner is Gossin’s mom, who delivered such a warm comment about Gossin’s Juke death it’s like cozying up to a hot bowl of soup with your favorite blanket in tow:

Steve’s car journey from high school to now has always been so much fun and makes me so proud to see his self-taught knowledge of car mechanics. Always glad to be a part of it however I can. Every car has a unique adventure and as he tells each one he lights up and shares it with you all now, too!

To Gossin’s ma, we love you!

The Impact Experimental, seen in 1990, was the direct predecessor to the GM EV1. Notably, the EV1 was the first vehicle to ever wear the “General Motors” nameplate.

Now, while you’re still feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, let Toecutter teach you a fun fact about the GM Impact from Lewin’s story today:


Also, a lot of people don’t know that the inverter powering the GM Impact, the prototype version of the EV1 pictured above in the article with the small air intake, was designed by non-other than Alan Cocconi, who founded AC Propulsion, which licensed its AC inverter technology to Tesla. Alan designed a built-in 110VAC charger into the inverter so that customers wouldn’t have to pay extra to charge at home, but GM wanted to scrap that feature in favor of its proprietary Magnecharge system, all in effort to further nickel-and-dime EV1 customers. It is a major reason Alan left GM and founded his own company.

Finally, we have Stef Schrader who somehow managed to turn Jason’s aorta dissection into something that sounds real tasty:

I was cracked open like a delicious crab

Soooooo…what are your thoughts on melted butter?

Have a great evening, everyone.

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Stef Schrader
Stef Schrader
3 months ago

Stephen’s mom! Aww.

My mom reads all of my stuff, too. I had to ask long, long, long ago for editors not to add in too many swear words because that led to a few awkward conversations I was tired of having. That led to more awkward conversations with my editors. I can’t win.

3 months ago

Thanks for visiting us Mrs Gossin! We’re all big fans of Stephan and we really enjoy reading about what he does. You should be proud; he’s quite the mechanic and does it for a good cause too!

3 months ago

It’s certainly a great moment when your Mother signs onto a national website to tell the world how proud she is of you.

Well, as long as you’re no longer 15: “ Aw, Mo-om!” 😉

3 months ago
Reply to  TOSSABL

National? The Autopian is a worldwide leader in automotive fetishism.

3 months ago
Reply to  Turbeaux

I know
I realized what I had said a few minutes later and now will say,

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