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Yes, That’s Komfort With A ‘K’: Cold Start

Cs Komfort

Today seems like a good day to take a look at an old RV/camper trailer, for two reasons: I think I read a study that the human visual cortex occasionally needs a good shot of intense earthtones in complex patterns to operate properly, so you get plenty of that here, and I also admire the Komfort Korporation’s (I’m assuming that’s how they spelled it) unashamed use of the promise of RV-style gettings-on.

Komfort was known for this; look at these other brochure pages:

Cs Komfort Solitaire

Solitaire…for two? There’s so much of everything in this pic: pattern, hair, those, green, everything.

Cs Komfort 2up

I think Komfort knew exactly what they were selling.

Still, that aside, I just can’t get over the sheer density and intensity of the patterns here! Florals and geometric and what looks kind of Mesoamerican-inspired or perhaps Polynesian over shag over marbelized over everything else. All in a relatively small space! It’s dazzling.

So you know, enjoy all of it.


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45 Responses

  1. I look at the upholstery in the lower photos and wonder where the movie theater is that’s missing its carpet.

    A friend used to have a ’70s Dodge van that had been re-carpeted in scraps from a closed movie theater. It was a favorite on road trips because any spills were entirely invisible.

  2. What’s pretty damn surprising about that picture with the double solitaire game is that hardback edition of All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot, hardly the kind of book one would expect in such a setting. It’s a semi-autobiographical novel about a newly graduated veterinary surgeon starting out in rural England in the 1930s; memorably, when said veterinary surgeon arrives at the train station his new partner picks him up in an Austin 7 “Chummy” which had had its front passenger seat inexplicably replaced with a rocking chair with its rockers still intact so any passenger was in for a heck of a ride.

    1. “All Creatures Great and Small” was pretty much on the bookshelf of every household during that time period. It didn’t hurt that it and the sequels were broken down into small, easily digestible stories that had a small through line but could be read individually and set aside for the next convenient time to read. Not really a surprise and actually the kind of light, entertaining reading that would be perfect for an RV trip.

      This whole thing gives me flashbacks to how much I hated 70s style at the time as a child and early teen. Even then I much preferred a staid Brooks Brothers look to a garish sky blue leisure suit. Unfortunately at that time I didn’t get to choose what I wore. Likewise, I was not a fan of the burnt orange, avocado green, shag carpet, cheap paneling, overdone patterns, etc.

      1. Given the lifestyle being pitched in those pictures one would’ve expected something steamy along the lines of Harold Robbins or Sidney Sheldon, both of who outsold even James Herriot during that era. In fact, there’s an article on this very website about something by Harold Robbins: https://www.theautopian.com/how-american-motors-employees-ended-up-alongside-tommy-lee-jones-and-robert-duvall-in-a-sleazy-1970s-movie-about-sex-violence-and-a-60-mpg-turbine-engine-car/

    2. Don’t kink-shame – there was plenty of sex in that book! Mostly between farm animals, of course. But there was also the time that Tristan got into a seriously dangerous/hilarious situation when he grabbed the auld bull’s tallywhacker during an artificial insemination misunderstanding. A real “cock up”, if you will.

      1. I spent my last weekend back at the old family farm putting the rubber bands around the young bulls’ nuts. Did a dozen or so. Probably handled more testicles than most of the readership that weekend.

  3. Whatever you do, don’t mess with Solitaire.
    “A man comes. He travels quickly. He has purpose. He comes over water. He travels with others. He will oppose. He brings violence and destruction.”

    Oh great! Now Kananga is sending Whisper and Tee Hee after you.

  4. I don’t understand the impulse to substitute a “K” where a “C” belongs. My wife, Karen, once started an Etsy shop called Karen’s Kraft Kreations. Points given for the visual and verbal alliteration. Points deducted for the acronym.

      1. So are you pro-k or pro-c? Is your name something that has always had the option like C/Karl, or is it something that has always been spelled with a C and your parents decided to be creative?

        1. Both of our names are like the C/Karl example you provided and are commonly seen both ways. Mine is more commonly spelled with a K so I rarely run into mix-ups. Hers is also more commonly spelled with a K which has led to life-long confusion. We even had to have our mortgage papers reprinted because they spelled her with a K.

          And for the record, I’m pro-K and she’s pro-C.

    1. That makes me think of a parody website that had a section dedicated to the NRA’s youth outreach program, which they called the Kooky Kidz Korner. Or NRA-KKK for short.

    2. There was also an RV builder in the ’60s and ’70s called Krager Kustom Koach, who, I really, really hope didn’t use their initials in their logo.

      I expect the switch to non-standard spelling makes it easier to register the trademark, except for everyone using the same non-standard spelling

    1. In the mid naughts I had a crew of young guys clearing out a house. In the basement they found a box of magazines from the 70’s. They were aghast to see…hair. Apparently their porn experiences didn’t include that.

  5. So I guess the take away is this. Campers were/could be fun, despite the lame decor. And if used properly the funky smells that developed in them were NOT always the results of water leaks, mold.
    And yes the women do look capable of many things….

  6. As someone who came of age in the 70s, I resent the fact that all the archived images of the era look like cheap Super 8 movies lit with a couple four D-cell flashlights. And can anyone determine from these photos whether the carpets match the drapes?

    1. Back then as you know, “color matching” was like beauty. In the eyes of the beholder. And depending on the activities being indulged in sometimes colors had little to no meaning…Good times, eh?

  7. Ahhhhh… the 70’s where the answer to every question about do we need more? Was YES!!! MOAR EVERYTHING!

    Also I believe we can now comparably refer to the 70’s as the “Cringe Era”.

  8. As a survivor of the 70’s, all I can say is no one can ever understand what it was like without having been there. You just have no idea… That being said, I do miss the sexy ladies.

  9. Nice Kold Start Jason! Man those colors and patterns really bring back memories from my childhood in the ’70s. Those Komfort Kampers were sex on wheels. If they didn’t hire Barry White to do the voiceovers on their commercials, they made a terrible marketing mistake.

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